The inhabitant of Malaysia has experienced an extreme birth in the car. It is reported by New Straits Times Online.

According to the newspaper, during fights 18-year-old Souriau Nishikin was taken to the hospital the Malaysian city of Kuching (Sarawak province). The doctors wanted to put in labor in the maternity ward, located on the fourth floor. However, when she went into the Elevator, he stalled. As a result the woman, just about ready to give birth, are trapped.

To help her get to the hospital arrived firemen and rescuers. The rescue operation took an hour. All this time Zoriada was trapped in the cockpit.

Fortunately, she wasn’t there alone and in the company of two nurses. They had a girl and all assistance, bringing to light a healthy baby. After rescuers managed to open the Elevator door, the mother and the child is immediately sent for examination.

Note that childbirth often catch women in various, often not very suitable for this place. Most babies are born on the way to the hospital – in cars. While sometimes the role of the obstetrician in such cases it is necessary to fulfill a stranger among which there may be taxi drivers and the police.

In Malaysia, the 18-year-old girl delivered a baby in the Elevator 07.10.2016

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