On Thursday, the Federal police of Mexico arrested in the resort town of Acapulco in Guerrero state one of the leaders of the cartel “Beltran Leyva”. Caught 22-year-old Mafioso Diego Armando Anorve martínez, nicknamed El Negro or El Chango (the Monkey), head of group who has committed dozens of murders.

According to investigators, Anorve implicated in at least 20 murders, says El Economista. Together with him were arrested two dangerous criminals – a 22-year-old Julio Cesar Gallardo Pineda, nicknamed El Piporro and 19-year-old Luis angel Hernandez Vazquez, nicknamed El Chamuco, says 24 Horas.

Detainees seized small arms and 10 pounds of marijuana.

The cartel “Beltran Leyva” was created by four brothers Arturo, Hector, Mario, Alberto and Alfredo Leyva. Originally they were part of the cartel “Sinaloa” headed by recently escaped from prison, Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed Shorty. Later, having created his own group, Leyva brothers began to quarrel with members of the Sinaloa.

The cartel “Beltran Leyva” engaged in the transportation of cocaine from Central and South America in the U.S. and in Europe. This grouping has also been associated with criminal organizations distributing synthetic drugs, marijuana and heroin.

This year, the state of Guerrero has turned hardly probable not to the most dangerous region of Mexico. In August there was noted the highest homicide rates in the country: 37 per 100 thousand inhabitants (based on an annual period).

For comparison, in not the most prosperous States of Sinaloa and Chihuahua, this indicator was equal to 22 and 18 respectively. Only in Acapulco since the beginning of the year there have been over 700 murders. This city on the Pacific ocean has become the arena of fierce confrontation between criminal gangs competing for control of territory and drug smuggling channels. Last summer the world-famous Mexican resort hit the top three most dangerous cities in the world.

In late October, President Enrique peña Nieto promised to restore in Guerrero the order and return it to the inhabitants of “peace and development”, reports TASS. One of the measures aimed at solving this problem, was the launch of a new strategy to maintain security. She, in particular, provides for close coordination between law enforcement agencies at three levels – municipal, regional and Federal.

In Mexican Acapulco arrested the leader of the gang of killers from the cartel “Beltran Leyva” 06.11.2015

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