In the state of Mexico armed passenger bus showed resistance to the perpetrators of the assault. In the end, four of the attackers received a fatal gunshot wound, writes El Universal.

The shooting occurred in public transport, coming October 31 on the highway Mexico – Toluca. Several of the attackers robbed the passengers, and then tried to escape, said the Prosecutor’s office of the state of Mexico.

It is known that the bus in which the shooting occurred, left the San MATEO Atenco. And the intruders entered the cabin, when about 6:00 public transport passing the city of San Pedro Tultepec. Robbers in the guise of ordinary passengers sat in different parts of the cabin, but after a few minutes pulled out a gun and knives, which began to threaten passengers, demanding money from them.

Taking possession of other people’s values, the attackers went to the driver to get him to stop. At this point one of the passengers pulled out a gun with a caliber of 9 mm and fired five aimed shots at the robbers, when they already ran out of the stopped bus. The criminals fell to the asphalt, and the vigilante finished off their next five shots.

Then the shooter got killed their backpacks, which was carried into the bus and laid on the floor. “Here are your things. Everyone can take their property,” – said the murderer robbed his companions. Then the man drove a few kilometers by bus, and then asked the driver to stop and fled, writes Mexico News Daily.

It is noteworthy that the driver and passengers of the bus did not tell the police about the robbery. First, the investigators decided that four men, whose bodies were found on the side of the highway, killed in a gang skirmishes. However, found one of the dead fake gun pointed at the version of the robbery, and discovered the bus ticket has helped to fully reconstruct the crime, to find witnesses and the vehicle itself, which moved the robbers and their victims.

To identify a suspect in the murder, the police are studying the CCTV footage installed at the bus station in San MATEO Atenco. Also have to identify the four dead robbers.

According to the Mexican press, from the beginning of year it already the seventh case when a passenger on an intercity lines has resisted the robbers and administer vigilante justice.

Attacks on public transport passengers with the use of a firearm occur in both Mexico city and its surroundings almost every day, reports TASS. In mid-October, the victims of the bandits in less than a week became a few people. At the end of July for the day when the robbery was killed four people, another ten were injured. In most cases, the bandits manage to leave the scene along with the prey.

In Mexico a passenger bus was shot four robbers 02.11.2016

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