Russian diplomats said the armed attack on the fellow in the area of the popular Mexican resort city of Acapulco in Guerrero state in Western Mexico. Robbers with machetes and guns robbed the Russians of the value and made some shots.

“Only by a lucky chance done without physical damage, although our citizens fired the gun. I do not want to escalate and spread panic, but the picture is really alarming. Attention, attention and again attention!” says on the page of Facebook, filed on behalf of the Russian Consulate in Mexico.

According to diplomats, the Russians drove the rental car from Acapulco to Mexico city. After passing the pay point La venta (about 15 kilometers from Acapulco) on the highway 95D, they decided to stay in a special place, not skidding off the track. As soon as the tourists got out of the car, from the bushes appeared a few people with machetes and guns. The Russians stole money, electronic devices, phones, and bags with things.

“After committing the crime, the bandits disappeared in the same bushes where there, firing a few bullets at the victims and their car. Fortunately, injury was avoided,” – said in the message.

The Consulate stressed that the robbery was committed “in broad daylight on the toll road, which people choose, confident in its security.”

About the attack on the Russians also told the head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Mexico Dmitry Bolbot. “Tourists were not injured. They filed a statement (to law enforcement) and continued his journey to Mexico”, he added.

The Russian Embassy in Mexico prepares in connection with the incident, a note that will be sent to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Mexico.

“Urge all citizens to be vigilant during travel on vehicles across the country. Not to risk and not to stay in sparsely populated areas is questionable. Closely monitor the fuel level. Exclusive use of the toll road. To refrain from moving in the dark” – concluded at the Consulate.

The state of Guerrero over the last several years, remains one of the most dangerous regions of Mexico. In 2016 there, there were over two thousand murders. The government can not improve the situation in the security sphere, despite all efforts, reports TASS.

In 2015, it was reported that in the state of Guerrero for the year murder and rape of two thousand women. And in 2013, gunmen attacked a group of Spanish girls and raped six foreign tourists and one Mexican.

However, dangers lie in wait for tourists in other regions of Mexico. At the beginning of 2017, the resort of Playa del Carmen state of Quintana Roo, was shot several visitors to the world famous electronic music festival BPM Music Festival. Five people were killed and among the wounded were four Americans, two Canadians and a Colombian. At the scene, a few steps from the gunman were two of the Russians, who narrowly managed to avoid injuries.

And at the end of 2012 in the same state of Quintana Roo disappeared 26-year-old native of Donetsk Ukrainian Maryna Burakova. She, along with 25-year-old husband Alexander Batychko was an avid traveller-hitchhiker, and Mexico, the couple decided to pass on rental Playa del Carmen car.

On 7 January 2013, Alexandra was found brutally murdered in the Rancho San Lorenzo. In the cabin of the rented car Chevrolet Aveo was all smeared with blood.

Near the body police found a bloody 15-centimeter knife-a cleaver with a serrated edge similar to a cold weapon of the hero of a Hollywood blockbuster “Rambo”. Alexander’s wife was gone.

The girl’s mother published on the channel YouTube video asking for help to find her daughter. According to one version, Burakova could steal and take out of the country. However, Mexican police also considered the possibility that the Marina itself killed her husband.

In spring 2014, Mexican authorities reported that they were able to find in the Yucatan, the remains of the Marina. As it turned out, the girl was strangled.

Marina’s mother Ludmila Burakova, learning about the success of investigators from the press, accused the Mexican authorities of falsification of data. “One lying around. I know that this is the corpse of the Marina. But now we have so much effort to prove it. How can you believe Mexico if they hung up on her murder and rigged for this version of the facts and evidence. Announced the daughter of the world-a killer, and if she were alive today she’d be jailed for murder and no one even apologized. Examination of the DNA comparison has falsified, in order to quickly close the case”, – cited the words of Ludmila Burakova newspaper “Vesti”.

In Mexico, shot and robbed Russian tourists 03.03.2017

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