U.S. police ascertain the circumstances of the shooting that occurred in the resort city of Miami in Florida. According to preliminary data, the fair-haired girl with gun in hand robbed passers-by, whom were two minors and their companion. Taking possession of the property of the victims, the criminal opened fire on them. Fortunately, victims have not received fatal wounds.

The crime was filmed by a surveillance camera and made videos published by police. According to these personnel, three of the victims were walking on the sidewalk when they caught up with the blonde in the white t-shirt and light pants. The intruder threatened children and their companion weapons, writes the Sun Sentinel.

The victims began to give an armed intruder in their wallets and cell phones, throwing them to the ground. At this point, was made the first shot in a young child. After a few seconds the burglar has released seven more bullets in the side of the victims, who fled and hid behind parked cars.

Discharging the gun, the blonde climbed into the back seat of the car brands Chrysler, then the car left, reports The Miami Herald. Apparently, it was driven by the accomplice of the burglar. In the beginning of the video the cars of the attackers was not in the frame. But at the time of the robbery, the driver moved his vehicle closer to the scene, including a reverse gear.


We need your help identifying this female who shot three people on 10/22 at 8:05PM. She fled area of 101 NW 34 St. in poss 4Door Chrysler. pic.twitter.com/ts2nB8aZWa

In Miami blonde robber with a pistol shot a 12-year-old boy and a teenager (VIDEO) 25.10.2016

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