An unknown person smashed the memorial “Eternal flame” in the centre of the city Miass in the Chelyabinsk region. Photos desecrated the memorial appeared in social media on 8 July. Presumably, the act of vandalism was committed the night before.

The vandals split marble slab, burned wreaths, pelted with garbage and plastic bottles to the gas burner, the Deputy of the state Duma from the Chelyabinsk area Sergey Weinstein of the liberal democratic party. According to him, “scum insulted the feelings of not only veterans, but all residents of the southern Urals,” reports the site

Garbage local activists had been removed, but replaced the broken tiles, remove plastic stains and polishing the surface of the burner is possible only if the time to turn off the fire, said the parliamentarian, who asked police to hurry to catch the villains and bring to justice”.

In a press-service of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry told reporters that the police Miass already making every effort to identify and arrest the vandals desecrated the memorial. The regional Prosecutor’s office informed that on the instructions of the Prosecutor of the region Alexander Kondratiev organized check of circumstances of this incident.

In recent years in Russia were reported many different incidents of desecration of the memorial with an Eternal flame. May 31, 2016 a wave of indignation in social networks caused by a video which show how some residents of the city of Kemerovo fried sausages on the Eternal flame in the alley of Heroes. While footage of their first actions are accompanied by the national anthem of Russia, and then the excerpt from the song with the words “sausages, where are my sausages?”. According to many commentators, this could take only adolescents “for the sake of PR”.

In the spring of 2015, the Network appeared shots of two girls who photographed against the backdrop of the Eternal flame at the alley of Heroes in Kemerovo Topless and with his pants down, covering the rear of the snowboard. The police found them, but the punishment was not in connection with the lapse of time: as it turned out, the photo was taken in September 2014.

In April 2014 in the Belgorod and Siberian visitor was sentenced to three years in prison for what he did on the Eternal flame. In the spring of 2013 in Volgograd at 1.5 years of colony-settlement was condemned the citizen of Egypt Mohamed Montasser, new year’s eve spravilsia small need in the Eternal flame at the memorial in honor of the defenders of Stalingrad on the Mamaev Kurgan.

In the fall of 2014 drunk woman “out of boredom” burned a wreath at the Eternal flame on the alley of military glory in the village of Pyatigorsk in the Volgograd region. In July of the same year in the town of Kstovo in Nizhny Novgorod region the man has scattered wreaths from the memorial to those who died in world war II.

In 2011 in Petrozavodsk Marines “for fun” beer extinguished the Eternal flame at the monument to the defenders of the Motherland, celebrating the Day of airborne. A similar case occurred in 2010 in Ukhta – there’s a drunk local port extinguished the Eternal flame at the memorial to the fallen in world war II.

In Kiev the Eternal fire defiantly fried sausages and scrambled eggs.

It happened that on the Eternal flame burned people – such wild cases were reported in 2008 in the Stavropol region in 2009, in the Vladimir region.

In Miass defeated the memorial “Eternal flame” (PHOTO) 09.07.2016

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