In Michigan, USA, the judge of the County Sanilac made discouraging decision on granting the compulsory hours of visitation and joint custody of eight-year-old man who raped the child’s mother nine years ago.

27-year-old Christopher Mirasola made the decision in his favor after his paternity was confirmed by DNA tests, according to The Detroit News. “This is madness”, – quotes the edition of comment of the lawyer of the mother of the child.

Nine years ago, Mirasol, who was then 19 years old, raped and threatened to kill a 12 year old girl. She, her 13-year-old sister and their friend came out of his house in September 2008 to meet the man. Joined Mirasola, who knew one of the Teens. He invited the children to ride, and when they got into the car, took their phones and two days kept in captivity. He threatened to kill their captives, if they talk about it to anyone. When a month later Mirasola was arrested, it turned out that the youngest of them raped girls pregnant.

Because of the number of legal collisions, the rapist received only one year in prison, but six months later was released to take care of his sick mother. A year later Miracolo committed another sexual assault on a teenage girl. He served for the crime for four years.

Now he became eligible to participate in the upbringing born in 2009 of the child. The father’s name will also be added to the birth certificate of the boy. The child’s mother intends to appeal against the court decision. A new court hearing scheduled for 25 October.

Media do not call the name of the victim of rape nine years ago. It is known that the girl refused to have an abortion or give baby up for adoption, “not to make the child victim”. Together with her parents she moved to another state. We know that the young mother had to quit school and go to work to feed herself and her son.

In Michigan offender who raped a 12 year old girl, got custody of her child born 09.10.2017

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