In the capital of Belarus Minsk has been edited graffiti on the friendship of this city with Moscow and given it a new element – the barbed wire, the website Exactly who has made changes in the drawing is unknown, however, according to media reports, he has already left Minsk.

According to”Euroradio”, “correction” of mural painting took place in the first half of the day Sunday, October 23. “Refreshed” graffiti two people: one drawing, the second “on duty”, according to the portal “Belarusian news”.

“Drove the guys a lift and spray-painted”, – told reporters the local residents. At the same time they admitted that the first changes are noticed. People walked around, but nobody paid attention to the fact that the wall is a lift that works the man in overalls. Barbed wire on the image some residents saw only after she pointed out to journalists.

The first reports about changes in graffiti appeared in social networks. Photos modified picture was published, in particular, in the account of the street art project Signal.

The author of “editing” conveyed through the project, now in the image there was at least some sense. “I wanted to say that if someone is trying to play in street art, he should be ready to play by the rules of street art. This street is here, your work can destroy, to spoil, to finish. Especially if it was of terrible quality and with the propaganda message,” he said (quoted by “Belarusian news”).

Also, the media found out another interesting detail – the author of the corrections personally acquainted with the author of the original. After the rally he left Minsk, says the portal.

Recall the graffiti on the friendship between Minsk and Moscow, appeared in the capital of Belarus in early summer, on the high-rise building on the street Mogilev, 32. Its author is a Russian artist Arthur kassak groups. The work was done at the initiative of representation of Moscow in Minsk and became an original gift to the Day of Moscow from Minsk. Earlier, the author of the picture told us that the graffiti took about 300 cans of spray paint and this work was for him at that time the biggest.

On the graffiti depicts a boy and a girl, which symbolize Minsk and Moscow, respectively. In the hands of the boy a bouquet of daisies and cornflowers. The same colors adorn the wreath on the girl’s head. It is in flower arrangements and added barbed wire.

Belarusian media noted that the emergence of graffiti in Minsk in the summer has caused ambiguous reaction of inhabitants. Many regarded the art object as propaganda.

Changes made to the figure, has attracted a lot of positive feedback. “Great creative, for historical authenticity, there is still faceted glass is not enough” – writes in the comments to the article on the website one of the users. “Hats off to you. It is the art that Banksy would not be ashamed,” – said another user.

In Minsk “fixed” graffiti on friendship city with Moscow, given the barbed wire 24.10.2016

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