In Minsk on 7 November, the anniversary of the October revolution of 1917, officially opened the restored monument to Vladimir Lenin, informs BelTA. The ceremony was visited by several opposition members, one of whom was detained.

Figure in full growth, was installed on the pedestal at the Minsk tractor plant. Earlier the sculpture was located in the courtyard of the factory, where she moved shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Recently the monument has decided to return to his former place at the request of the veterans and Communists.

During the opening ceremony were detained the leader of opposition organization Young front and former political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich. He protested against the opening of the monument. It made three Protocol violations and released, according to

As writes the Russian service of the BBC, a number of Belarusian parties and organizations that belong to the liberal camp, on the eve of the opening of the monument, condemned the “consequences of Communist repressions in Belarus.”

November 7, opposition activists went in Kurapaty – the place of mass shooting of Stalin’s victims, and in the afternoon held an action of memory, lined up with candles and portraits of the repressed at the KGB building on the main Avenue of the Belarusian capital. The participants of the action were drawn up administrative protocols.

Revolution day in Belarus is celebrated at the state level, the country’s official day off. President Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated compatriots on the day. “Available social good, ideals of equality, peace, ethnic harmony, developed in the Soviet era, still apply today. The USSR carried out a powerful breakthrough in the development of industry, agriculture, energy, space technologies, laying the Foundation for entire industries and new areas of research. The success of the Soviet Union in the field of culture and sport became the province of all mankind and brought the country international fame”, – said in a statement on 5 November 2016 on the website of the President of Belarus.

The Belarusian leader did not cancel the celebration of the red October for a reason. He decided to give a new sense of revolutionary date, and stated that the independence of Belarus received by the Bolsheviks and Lenin. “Thanks to the victory of the Great October revolution was accomplished the dream of many generations of Belarusians – we have acquired an independent state open to friends”, – said Lukashenka in 2007.

On 25 October 1917 (7 November, new style), overthrew the Provisional government and began the history of Soviet Russia. First day of the great socialist revolution celebrated in 1918 and 1927, the Presidium of the USSR Central Executive Committee added to the holiday and 8 November.

In the Soviet Union celebrated each anniversary of October events. In 1991 the first year the parade and demonstration was conducted. In post-Soviet Russia in 1992, President Boris Yeltsin announced November 7 Day of accord and reconciliation. In 2004, the festival was canceled. In 2005, the calendar reappeared a day off in the November 4-th Russia celebrates the national unity Day.

In Minsk opened the restored monument to Lenin – no there were no arrests of oppositionists 08.11.2016

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