Four young friends from Minsk for four months robbed the man living in the dormitory. Their prey were 10 thousand Belarusian rubles, the equivalent of 4000 dollars, reports the website of the Minsk city Executive Committee.

As it turned out, the man lives in a hostel with his wife and minor son. 11-year-old boy without asking took the key from the room where his father kept the money, and the parts carried them. His friends at this time stood on the lookout.

Thief and three of his peers spent the stolen money on entertainment, and also bought a bike, iPhone, sports equipment, a cage and three hamsters. One of the participants in a series of thefts got a significant amount of cash, which his mother bought a TV. All summer buddies daily frequented the Park and visited “McDonald’s”. To exchange dollars for rubles, they turned to the local tippler, promising them a bottle for the service.

The Inspectorate on minors ‘ Affairs refused to initiate a criminal case in action, four young residents of Minsk is seen part of the crime, but they have not reached the age of accountability. Therefore will punish their parents for improper upbringing.

In Minsk, the boy stole some $ 4,000 and bought friends three hamsters 12.10.2016

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