The Mongolian singer and the leader of the group “har One” S. Narmadha was taken to the intensive care unit with bruises, says According to preliminary data, a serious injury to actor-rapper struck after the concert, a drunken employee of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

The incident occurred on November 23 in One Event Hall Mall Home Plaza, located in the Khan Uul, in Ulan Bator. There took place the solemn action “Happy Ulaanbaatar”, which was organized by the municipality of the capital.

The festive event was attended by foreign guests, including ambassadors of Russia and China, diplomats of these countries, the mayor of Ulaanbaatar Sunduin the Batbold and other officials of the capital. The leader of the group “har One of” P Narmandakh was also invited and sang in the evening a few of his songs.

After the speech, S. Narmandakh left the room and was going to go home, but the drunk employee of the Russian Embassy hit him in the back of the head with a bottle. From strong blow the singer fell, losing consciousness, and the employee of the Russian Embassy and his friends began to beat the victim, kicking his feet on the head, says ARD.

The guards of the institution he intervened and saved the singer from possible death. The brutal attack was recorded by surveillance cameras One Event Hall.

In the Mongolian press are only the initials of the employee of Embassy of the Russian Federation, the suspect in the attack – A. S.

Also unknown motives of the beating of the singer. According to one version, employees of the Russian Embassy could perturb swastikas on the clothing of the artist. For example, in one of the clips Narmandakh uses national dress in the form of a robe, embroidered with large images, right-handed swastika, which can be confused with the Nazi symbol.

Although the swastika is an ancient and widespread graphic symbol, known from Paleolithic times and also used in Buddhism, in Russia it actually fell under the ban as a sign of extremism. Screening of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation also equates to “actions insulting the memory of the victims in the great Patriotic war”.

In Mongolia, the employee of the Russian Embassy were beaten to death singer Amaranda after the concert 30.11.2016

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