In Mordovia a teacher one of the schools suspected of sex with student. SU IC, Mordovia Republic reported about initiation of proceedings under two articles of the criminal code, and the portal Life.Ru claims that the home teacher found extremist literature and now check the connection with the “Islamic state” (ISIS, the terrorist group banned in Russia).

“Day September 24, 2016 not far from the village in the car, the man committed sexual intercourse with 15-year-old student of the school where he worked as a teacher. Thus the consequence does not exclude that actions of the suspect can be changed to a more serious offence. In addition, during the inspection of the scene were seized plastic package with the drug dropped by the suspect. Later when they searched the house the suspect seized prohibited literature of an extremist nature,” reported the investigative Committee in the Republic.

The case was brought under two articles: part 1 article 134 of the criminal code (sexual intercourse committed against a person under 16 years of age) and part 2 of article 228 of the criminal code (illegal turnover of narcotic drugs in especially large size). Edition Actualnews argues that parents also filed a rape girls.

Edition Life.Ru meanwhile, with reference to some friend of a victim of a pedophile argues that the relationship 35-year-old teacher Radhika N. a ninth-grader Alsu lasted a long time.

The portal also claims that after the discovery of extremist literature has suspicions that the man he promoted the ideas of radical Islam. A source in the authorities reported that the man allegedly showed the videos captured by the brother living in the United States. It was a mosque, the streets… the American road.” “He was telling the disciples that there is better for adults and children to pass the exams much easier, everything is better there,” said the source.

The wife of the gym teacher rejects suspected of extremism: “some literature found for the 92nd year, and this is all grandmother’s, she died already. She’s in some kind of handkerchief kept. I’m sitting here, I’m shaking, I don’t understand what you’re looking for. What we are terrorists, we are after all, my husband even went out, we have no passports”.

In Mordovia suspect in sex with a student PE teacher was suspected of having links with ISIS after praise US 01.10.2016

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