Moscow investigators opened a criminal case against the three guards, who are suspected in the kidnapping. The victim was arrested after he was illegally put on the wanted list at the request of gangsters, extortionists. For “service” on the hunt potenitally victims of the guards was promised a reward in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Criminal punishment threatened to the Deputy chief of police on operational work of Andrey Makarenko, as well as the operative of criminal investigation Department Denis Fomin and Dmytro Tribrat. The detainees work in OMVD on area Northern Chertanovo, according to the official website of IC RF IC.

As defendants in the criminal case were Surakat Labazanov, Magomed Nalgiev, Zaur Ibragimov, and Ruslan Makarov.

According to investigators, Labazanov, Nalgiev, Ibragimov and Makarov, “entered into a criminal conspiracy aimed at stealing money of his friend in the amount of more than 26 million rubles.” For this they turned to the police officers who “for 300 thousand roubles has agreed to announce they need a man on the wanted list and deliver it to the police Department”.

“By understanding the operative Fomin informed the partners about the release of the victim from the police station. After that, members of the organized group has taken measures to kidnapping men, however, were unable to bring criminal intent to end by circumstances beyond their control,” – said in a press release. The victim managed to escape from the bandits in the car.

In the future, the activities of a criminal group was foiled by staff of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow, the Moscow criminal investigation Department and service of security police.

“Today in the criminal case, investigators conducted more than 10 searches, including at the place of work and residence of police officers,” he added Thursday in the investigative Department.

The detainee is charged with part 5 of article 33, part 3 of article 30, paragraph “a, h” of part 2 of article 126 (“aiding and abetting in the attempted kidnapping of a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”), part 1 of article 286 (“Abuse of office”), paragraph “a,” part 5 of article 290 (“bribe-taking by a group of persons in the large size”), paragraph “a, b” of part 4 of article 291 (“bribery by a group of persons in the large size”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

We add that the capital of the bandits earlier played “dvuhhodovki” with the kidnapping, which it was invited to interview at the police station, suspecting offense. For example, last year was sentenced on the high-profile murder case of a top Manager of the Japanese holding company Hitachi Yakov Fominykh, which took place in December 2012.

The top Manager was kidnapped at the door of the traffic police

According to the materials of the criminal case for theft Fominykh criminals used false report about the accident. A successful businessman was summoned to the police for trial over the accident, which allegedly involved his Audi. When Fominykh out of the traffic police Department in the street Poliny Osipenko in Moscow, he was attacked and was taken to the Tver region.

Stolen brought to the forest long and tortured, demanding money. Early in the investigation believed that he died, and without saying anything the torturers, however, it turned out later – Fomin gave the kidnappers the passwords to the system “Bank-client” to allow them to withdraw money from the offshore accounts, and one of the bandits killed him, Peredovik the throat of the Shoe.

Immediately after the disappearance Fominykh his relatives went to the police and volunteers from the organization “Lisa Alert”. The search for the missing was not successful. In the end, the dead body was accidentally found by a snowplow driver noticed him on the side of the road Torzhok – Ostashkov.

By the spring of 2013, field investigators have detained the organizer of murder of businessman Andrey Shevyakova, as well as hired performers Sergei Korneyev, Kirill Rotornogo and Sergey Konyaev. Hide was only Denis Bordun.

As it turned out, Fominykh was not the only victim of the criminal group. In October 2012, the bandits kidnapped, tortured and dumped in the woods to die a Moscow businessman Mikhail Botnikova.

In the Russian representative office of Hitachi Yakov Fominykh came in 2007 and made a spectacular career, finishing in 32 years as Director of business development. Shortly before his disappearance Fominykh was to occupy a key position.

Andrew Shevyakova owned two transport companies, and also firm for the production of furniture. He has invested in the development of business over 40 million roubles, but have not received expected profit. Then, the merchant has decided to improve its financial position at the expense of colleagues, who have large sums of money.

Yakov Fominykh was development Director at Hitachi, he was also a co-owner of the company freight, was engaged in extraction of gravel, sand and clay in the Tver region. In addition, he was a classmate of ex-wife Shevyakova. In the end, Shevyakova, it became known that a top Manager owns several millions of dollars.

His followers sheviakov said that Fomin – “homewrecker” who destroyed his family, and also allegedly owes him a large sum of money. He promised performers for 150 thousand rubles for assistance in “resolving the issue”.

At the end of the trial of Andrew Shevyakova was sentenced to 20 years in prison. His accomplices received by 7-10 years of imprisonment.

In Moscow are detained the police have received from the bandits 300 thousand rubles for the announcement of the victims wanted 01.12.2016

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