Gagarinsky district court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of twelve members of ethnic criminal group suspected of stealing tens of millions of rubles in elderly inhabitants of capital and Moscow region. Criminals posing as officials, who allegedly was going to translate into accounts of pensioners the money programme “Children of War”.

“The decision of the court all twelve of the accused in custody until 22 July”, informs the official website of the interior Ministry. In the Internet appeared the video with the operative survey of detention of suspects, which took place on 23 June in Rostov-on-don.

The investigation began in December of 2015, when employees of the police Department for the southwestern administrative district of Moscow was received operational information about the Roma group, specializing in Commission of roguish actions with use of means of telecommunication. From actions of malefactors has suffered elderly Muscovites.

Later it turned out that the crimes involved the residents of the Rostov region. They were called Muscovites, without leaving their living areas.

“Attackers using mobile communications has introduced the Moscow pensioners in confusion, getting access to their deposits, and thereafter to withdraw cash from these accounts,” – noted in police.

The scammers called the victim on home phone and, posing as employees of social services, reported that the pensioner comes under the state program “Children of War”. Luchinovich claimed that their source “is entitled to the ticket, as well as one-time social payment in the amount of 10-15 thousand rubles.

To receive these funds, victims are asked to answer a series of questions, and to dictate a secret three-digit code number of your Bank card. Gullible elderly reported data of their Bank cards, and later found the loss of all savings from their accounts.

“According to this scheme, the fraudsters managed to fool more than 200 retirees and property damage to more than 50 million rubles,” – said in a press release.

In a special operation to detain the suspects involved field investigators of criminal investigation Department of the Moi of Russia in Moscow together with colleagues from management “To” Bureau of special technical measures (BSTM) of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of internal Affairs across the Rostov region, and also employees regional UFSB with the power support of the OMON. All were detained more than 20 people.

The operation of the security forces were in the apartment and a mansion with a luxurious interior.


Criminal proceedings were instituted by officers of the investigation unit of the police Department in Moscow’s southwestern administrative area under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”). The suspects seized 45 mobile phones, tablet computers 18, 200 SIM-cards used in the Commission of crimes, the plans of the user interviews with potential victims, a database of elderly persons residing in the territory of the Moscow region, and 53 of the Bank cards issued on figureheads.

In Moscow, arrested members of the Roma gangs who tried to enter the Moscow pensioners more than 50 million rubles (VIDEO) 27.06.2016

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