Law enforcement officers the Moscow region arrested the co-owner of Bank “link-Bank” and its driver, suspected of kidnapping and extortion. Held hostage by the attackers was a former companion of the banker from whom they demanded a bill for hundreds of millions of rubles.

The detainees were accomplices in police uniform, whose identity is not yet established, according to the official website of suburban GSU SK of the Russian Federation.

The victim on criminal case is the General Director of “green way”. According to investigators, 18 December 2015 the victim drove his vehicle from a home located in the Mytishchi district, and headed towards Moscow. On the road he was stopped by a group of persons dressed in the uniforms of the traffic police. When the businessman got out of the car during a mock inspection of documents, the kidnappers used a stun gun to it.

And then the businessman was forcibly brought into the house that is located in Dolgoprudnyy, where he remained until December 19. The injured were put forward conditions for signing of promissory notes for a total amount of 800 million rubles, and the first translation in the amount of 11 million rubles was due January 21, 2016. After the businessman agreed to pay the ransom, he was released.

Requirements of attackers on the remittance man is not fulfilled. Therefore, from January 25, 2016, the businessman began to receive SMS-messages with threats and requirements to fulfill the promise given to the kidnappers. Then the businessman has addressed in law enforcement bodies. Initiated a criminal case under paragraph “a, C, g, h” of part 2 of article 126 (“Kidnapping committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, with the use of violence and weapons from mercenary motives) of the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

“The difficulty in disclosing of this crime was that the victim didn’t see the faces of the people who kidnapped him and demands,” – said in a press release. Initially we considered several versions.

Among those who checked for involvement in the kidnapping, was a former partner and co-owner of Bank “link-Bank”, which in 2014 has revoked the license to operate. It is established that a banker owes to the CEO of “green way” a large sum of money.

“When performing complex investigative actions and operational-search measures were able to collect enough irrefutable evidence of the involvement of the former partner as well as his driver to the perfect in relation to the entrepreneur crime”, – noted in GSU SK of the Russian Federation. April 25 suspects were detained.

As part of the investigation managed to identify the house where was held captive. There and also on places of residence of the detained were searched.

“During a search in dwelling former partner of the businessman discovered the promissory notes and other documents and objects proving their (the detainees. – Approx. participation in the committed crime”, – added the investigators.

In addition, the investigator conducted verification of testimony on site, in which one of the suspects and the victim pointed to the house in which was kept an entrepreneur. To date, the appointed number of examinations: forensic, molecular genetic, edaphology, handwriting and others.

In an investigation involving employees of USB of the FSB of Moscow and renowned MIA of the Russian Federation. The accomplices in the theft threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.

In Moscow arrested the banker to extort a businessman have stolen 800 million rubles 30.04.2016

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