Friday Tagansky district court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of a disabled Andrei Popov, who calls himself “God Kuzya” and headed by a religious sect. It is suspected of fraud for tens of millions of rubles.

The judge Albina Timakova has satisfied the petition of the investigator and denied 38-year-old accused in custody under house arrest, reports TASS. Custody Popov will be up to 9 November.

As noted in the court order, given the identity Popov, the severity of his alleged acts, the court found no reason to elect him a more lenient measure of restraint. So, remaining at liberty, he might abscond from the investigation, attempt to destroy evidence, to exert pressure on witnesses and other participants in the case, and otherwise obstruct the investigation.

The court also did not find any violations during the arrest of Andrei Popov.

In turn, the protection of himself and “God Kuzya” asked the court to sentence him under house arrest. “We want to draw the attention of the court that our client was cooperating with the investigation, he is testifying,” said the lawyers. They also noted poor health Popov, who “practically blind”. In addition, recently accused of “heart attacks happen”.

In the court of “God Kuzya” and his lawyers said that the leader of the sect living in the city of Dolgoprudny or friends. And the apartment where a search was conducted, belongs to his friends, but he “lived there rightfully given to him by the mistress”.

“God Kuzya” – historian and member of the Union of writers

According to accused, he has a 16-year-old son and elderly mother. Graduated with honors from Moscow state University, specialty “historian, teacher of English language”. He is also a member of the Union of writers of Russia.

In addition, “God Kuzya” has a disability, visually impaired, and has undergone two clinical death. “On a state of health to be detained to me like death. I have recently greatly impaired, especially the right eye. Only see light and dark,” said Popov in court.

While the intellectual ambition of the preacher was charged under part 4 of article 159 (“Fraud in especially large size”) of the criminal code. But the investigators intend to bring against him one more criminal case – under article 239 of the criminal code (“the Creation of a religious or public Association whose activity involves violence against citizens or any other injury to their health, and the leadership of such Association”).

Zealots beat rubber Slippers and forced to sex

In the context of searches conducted on Thursday by employees of the Moscow police at the place of residence of the organizers of the “extensive destructive sects”, was seized about 43 million rubles and more than 100 thousand dollars.

Also to seven seized personal computers and notebooks containing the so-called bookkeeping. They “indicate illegal activity of members of the sect by taking money of the citizens”, said the interior Ministry.

In addition, in the hands of the police hit “specific literature and exotic animals in inappropriate conditions”.


On the orders of reigning in the sect, told journalist Victoria Dunaeva. According to her, members of the community were forbidden to use makeup and to communicate with relatives. “The offense was already considered, if the person said something or ate more food, says Victoria. – Violation of any of the numerous prohibitions were punished by beating. Beaten to a pulp, was applied to 180 shots to the face with rubber sneakers. After that person just turned into a bloody mess, and adherents are told that this is a kind of purification”.

According to Dunayeva, in my workshops, Popov used a method of neuro-linguistic programming, turning fans into a zombie, ready to obey any instructions from him.

All people cultists is divided into eight circles. The closest to “God Kuze” was considered a circle of wives. Lower in the hierarchy were located visitors seminars. And the last was considered the circle of demons. “It included all the relatives of cult members and all those who once condemned the actions of “God Kuzi”, says Victoria Dunaeva.

In the ROC were dissatisfied with the activities of “God Kuzi” and his followers in 2013. The Department for cooperation of Church and society of the Moscow Patriarchate has expressed concern with the situation in the sphere of some “Orthodox” fairs, where cultists wielded. “Such events are often traded commodities, with a rather low quality. But much more disturbing is the fact that these exhibitions have become a favorite place of activity okolopravoslavnyh sects, and in particular the so-called sect of “God Kuzi” – said in a statement release.

According to the Synodal Department, founder of the sect Andrei Popov, 1977 birth for a long time called themselves “Roman Bishop”, and then proclaimed himself “God”. “Sect “God Kuzi” is clearly destructive in nature, which is confirmed by numerous testimonies of its former adherents. As in most totalitarian sects, it is actively used methods of physical and mental impact on the person, up to threats and beatings,” said the ROC.

Posing as representatives, as a rule, a little-known temple or monastery, supporters of “God Kuzi” suggested people to enjoy all kinds of prayers and ceremonies. Moreover, these occasional atypical, such as the deliverance of the child from computer addiction. And their price reached five thousand.

According to the Synodal Department, on just one show sect may belong to 30 to 40 stands that, in the opinion of OUZO, brings her huge income. As the media noted that the sectarians were earning up to 300 thousand rubles a day.

A year ago, adepts of the sect of “God Kuzi” had already been searched. Then only the two addresses on Krasnoproletarskaya street (Tverskaya region) and a Large Kondratieff lane (Presnensky), were seized 150 thousand dollars and more than 200 million rubles. There police found a rare and endangered animals, as well as child pornography and “bogus permits for the collection of money from citizens as donations”.

Press writes that Popov and his supporters can charge articles “Assault” and “Rape”, because on Saturdays the followers of “God Kuzi” beat the guilty, and the women were allegedly forced into having sex.

In Moscow arrested the leader of the sect of “God Kuzi”, the suspected fraud 12.09.2015

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