The daughter of the President of the Union of mixed martial arts (MMA) Fedor Emelianenko hospitalized in Scientific research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology healthcare Department of Moscow, the newspaper reports
“R-Sport” with reference to the unnamed employee of the Institute. The journalists of the Agency “Interfax in the press-service of the Moscow police has said that law enforcement authorities are checking on the incident.

The journalist of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the Deputy Chairman of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow eve Markachev wrote in Facebook that the attack on the daughter of Emelianenko occurred on Sunday, October 9. In an interview with TV channel “Rain” , the journalist said that the attack occurred on the daughter of an athlete.

Later Markachev on his page in the social network reportedthat, according to her, in the attack on the daughter Emelianenko criminal case under article “beating”. “In the place where she was attacked, the CCTV cameras work there were only dummies. And she’s still in the hospital,” – said the journalist.

Meanwhile, the source of REN TV in the environment of the athlete denied the information about the attack. “This entirely fictional story. Anything similar was not even close. Child attacked no one,” he told REN TV source.

Surrounded by Fedor Emelianenko journalists of the TV channel saidthat information about the attack on the daughter of the famous Russian fighter – “an invention of journalists”, “nonsense” and “wild”. Later, however, his words refused and said that they did not intend in any way to comment on media reports.

Assistant, Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology Natalia Frames, in turn, confirmed the information that the Institute really came a girl by the name of Fedor Emelianenko, reports “Sport-Express”.

“I don’t know whether it is the daughter of Fedor or not, but on 11 October we have really received the girl with the last name Emelianenko. She was sixteen years old and she is diagnosed with bruised chest. I emphasize, I do not know whether she is a daughter of a famous fighter. Her condition is not worrisome, unless there are unforeseen complications, after one or two days she will be discharged,” explained the Frames.

According to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the girl was attacked when she was returning from school. Why was she in school at the weekend, is unclear.

Unknown hit daughter Emelianenko in the chest. “At first, the girl didn’t tell mom. But then it began to suffer from pain. All weekend she’d been, her mother noticed this and decided to take her to the doctor,” – said an unnamed source publication. Why are we talking about the “all output”, and not just one Sunday is also unclear.

Edition reports that the attack on the daughter of Emelianenko took place on Monday, 10 October at 07:40.

In the research Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology daughter Emelianenko was hospitalized on Monday, October 10. According in the clinic the girl was brought by her mother. In the institution she was diagnosed with “contusion of the chest and abdomen.”

Agency city news “Moscow” doctors have confirmed information on the hospitalized girls. “We have a girl 16 years old, was admitted October 11 morning, the doctors diagnosed contusion of the chest. The girl’s condition is good, with no complications, the day after tomorrow we write,” he told reporters.

“The girl could not identify those who attacked her. But it seems that she’s hiding something. Perhaps she’s intimidated by those who attacked?” – said “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, an unnamed law enforcement officer.

In the article “MK” attacked girl named Valentina, and the article notes that the girl’s name changed. The paper explains that Valentina – the second daughter from his second marriage Emelianenko, who is nine years old. According to “R-Sport”, in the Institute went “girl 16 years”.

The attack on the daughter of Emelianenko happened a few days after the athlete has criticized the children fighting in Grozny, attended by the children of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

October 4 in Grozny passed tournament on the mixed single combats Grand Prix Akhmat-2016. In addition to adults, the competition was attended by children, including three sons of Kadyrov. They won the fights one of the fights ended with a knockout.

Emelianenko on the following day, October 5, saidthat children 12 years are not even allowed in the room as the audience. “But there are kids who are eight years old, punching each other in the eyes of joyful adults,” he wrote on Instagram.

Kadyrov condemned Emelianenko because he published pictures of his sons. The head of Chechnya called it a violation of ethical standards. “I was sympathetic to the responses and reactions of Fedor Emelianenko , if he began by saying a kind word about the tournament”, – reported in Instagram the head of Chechnya.

A cousin of Kadyrov, Duma Deputy from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov said that Emelianenko will have to “answer for every word” of his nephews. Later, however, Kadyrov urged “not to publish any entries affecting the honor and dignity of Fedor Emelianenko” not to “hurt” his honor. He expressed confidence that the athlete “realized the mistake”.

After the media learned about the assault on the daughter of Fedor, Chairman of the Union of Chechen youth Rustam Tapew expressed confidence that this incident has nothing to do with the scandal of children’s demonstration of fighting in Grozny.

“I think it’s a coincidence that didn’t happen on time, an unpleasant incident. We, for our part, if we have some opportunity to know, to understand, to understand this situation, we, of course, connect. This is an unacceptable act,” he declared on air of radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Fedor Emelianenko three daughters: Maria, from her first marriage, Victoria and Elizabeth the second.

In Moscow attacked the daughter of Fedor Emelianenko after his quarrel with Kadyrov 12.10.2016

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