Moscow is hosting the General Congress
“Apple”, which will consider amendments to the party Charter,
limiting the tenure of President to two terms, and
the election of the President. Live broadcast of the event is on YouTube.

The Congress began with a speech by Sergei Mitrokhin. In it the leader of the party, proposed to elect the party’s new President at the annual

According to a source “Interfax” in the party, if the amendments
the political Council will be approved, the current head of the party Sergey Mitrokhin, as well as the founder of the party
Grigory Yavlinsky is not nominated their candidates for the presidency,
the main winning chances are representatives of a new generation and a lion
The schloßberg
. “Large
the chances of the younger generation and Alexander Gnezdilova
Nikolai Rybakov. In addition, many want to see the Chairman of the Lion
Slosberg as the most recognizable member of the party,” the source said.

Mitrokhin, without naming names, criticized Navalny for the investigation of the sons of the Prosecutor General, Chaika

If the proposed amendment will not
taken, Yavlinsky will nominate for election and the majority
the participants of the Congress will support it, says the same source.

Among the participants of the Congress are those who
supports the proposals of the political Affairs Committee on the limitation of the term of office
the President, and opponents of this idea. “We need a two-thirds vote
participants of the Congress, the issue is complex, they may not pass,” – said the member of political Committee “the Apple” Sergey Ivanenko.

According to Mitrokhin, the amendment on limiting the tenure of party President to two terms will not be accepted.

The list of the most probable candidates on a post of the Chairman of the party is composed not only of Leo schloßberg, Alexander Gnezdilov Nikolai Fishermen, but also rights Commissioner
human rights in St. Petersburg Alexander Shishlov, member
Of the political Committee Sergei Ivanenko and Emilia Slabunov.

In Moscow began the Congress of the “Yabloko”, which will choose the head of the party 19.12.2015

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