The Assembly of the monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow is completed – before the figure was welded portion of the cloak, which was taken on the Borovitsky area separate from the sculpture. Finishes cleaning of welding seams and patina. Experts on Thursday, October 20, as scheduled, completely cover the monument with a wooden box. About this TASS said the Executive Director of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Vladislav Kononov.

The box is erected around the monument, dismantle a few hours before the solemn opening of the monument on the Day of national unity – 4 November. As told Vladislav Kononov Agency city news “Moscow”, discusses the various options for the opening ceremony of the monument. “But cover it completely with fabric, most likely will not. We want to offer to cover only a pedestal with the inscription,” he said.

Before November 4 will be a comprehensive improvement of the territory adjacent to the monument, told TASS the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

“During the renovation of the new square around the monument to get a pedestrian connection to the Alexander garden that will allow you to enter the foot of Borovitsky hill in the number of public spaces. Today through this area to go anywhere is impossible, and the improvement there will be and on moss, and on Manezhnaya streets, and down to the embankment of the Moscow river” – said Kuznetsov. In the plans of specialists, in particular – to plant “is quite a long street of large trees, which will be located behind the monument.”

According to the chief architect of Moscow, as a result of the competition for the monument failed “to correct architectural solution which, on the one hand, allowed UNESCO to approve the placement of the monument near the Kremlin, and to build a amphitheater and at the same time the observation deck, which provides a great place to survey the surroundings”.

Preparatory work for the installation of the monument began in August. The installation of the sculpture on Borovitskaya square began in the night from 15 to 16 October.

Initially, the monument to Prince Vladimir was supposed to be established on the initiative of the Russian military historical society on the Sparrow hills, but it turned out that the geological condition of the selected location does not meet the requirements for placement of multi-ton monument. A vote on the site of RVIA and the portal “Active citizen” members of the public chose to install the sculpture Borovitskaya square, which was later approved by the Commission on monumental art at Moscow city Duma.

Adjustments were made and the size of the monument. According to the authors of the monument of Salavat Shcherbakova, it had to have a height of 25 meters and weight of 300 tons. But as the Borovitsky hill is included in the buffer zone of the UNESCO world heritage site “the Moscow Kremlin and Red square” in the organization agreed to approve the installation only under the condition of reducing the height of the monument. In the end, the pedestal has decided to reduce to one and a half meters, the height of the sculpture is 16 metres.

In June, Eleonora Mitrofanova, who was at that time the position of permanent representative of Russia to UNESCO, said that UNESCO welcomed the proposal to reduce the height of the monument and the project of landscaping around the monument.

At the same time on Tuesday the employee of the sector of external relations of UNESCO Victoria Kalinin told RBCthat the world heritage Centre of UNESCO has asked the Russian authorities and a national Commission at the organization until December 1 to report on how we took into account the recommendations of this organization with the installation of the monument.

In Moscow completed the basic works on erection of the monument to Prince Vladimir on Borovitskaya square 20.10.2016

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