Court of the Moscow region sentenced 33-year-old Roman Burenko and 36-year-old Andrei Volkov, who were found guilty in a violent crime 15 years ago. Then the attackers stole naked and beaten by the Schoolgirls the girl, took her to the cemetery and beaten to death.

Burenko was sentenced to 15 years and three months in prison and Volkov to 5 years of imprisonment. Serve time they will be in the correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official website of IC RF IC in the Moscow region.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the evening of 19 April 2002, 13-year-old schoolgirl Anna Kozachuk was in the backyard of one of the apartment buildings in Reutov. There between her and two girls 15 and 16 years had a quarrel. In the end, the girl was beaten, and besides, the ill-minded woman tore her clothes off, which is then burned in the fire.

For violence watched with interest a group of young people who were drinking beer. None of them even stood up for battered in the yard a schoolgirl.

“One of the accused, as a witness of the conflict, to frighten and to provide to the victim of psychological and physical effects, as well as from personal animosity, had decided to abduct her,” – said in a press release. This man persuaded several Teens, and they intervened in the conflict that took place between the Schoolgirls.

“Accomplices approached the juvenile, who was in the Nude, and grabbing her by the arms and torso, dragged into the back seat of the car”, – noted in GSU SK the Russian Federation. During the trip, one of the accused, in order to frighten the prisoner, forcibly transplanted to a Nude girl in the Luggage compartment of the Audi 90.

Arriving at the cemetery Novoderevenskaya, the four intruders continued to hold the victim for six hours, exposing her to abuse. Then one of the men decided to kill a schoolgirl “because of personal animosity,” says the investigative Department.

An attacker found a rock and struck him four blows to the head. From the received traumas the girl has fallen and has ceased to submit life signs. “Making sure that she was dead, the accused dragged the naked body of a minor in a forest, where he was thrown in the ravine,” he added in GSU SK the Russian Federation.

Note that the relatives Ani was actively looking for her after the disappearance and sought to cause a public outcry. As told by the brother of the murdered Alexander Kozachuk, the family wrote to the editor of the television program “Wait for me”. According to him, family “year waited in line” to shoot, but never achieved.

The parents of the missing Schoolgirls for several years walked the streets of Reutova with the picture of your daughter, looking for possible witnesses. Then Annie’s father was drinking hard, and his wife could not stand the heart. “They have in this life is over. They spat, and work”, – said Oleksandr Kozachuk.

12 years of inactivity

For a long time, cynical crime remained unsolved, and search case about the disappearance of Schoolgirls gathered dust for over 10 years in the archives of the internal Affairs bodies. “However, once on behalf of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia all such investigative proceedings were requested and studied by the investigative Department of the city of Balashikha of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow region the decision was made to Institute criminal proceedings into the killing of 13-year-old schoolgirl,” – noted in a press release.

Bureaucratic decision taken in 2014, Alexander Bastrykin and made it possible finally to start a direct search for the killers led to the fact that investigators still did a “tremendous amount of work to locate witnesses of the incident and persons involved in the Commission of the crime.”

“At every step the investigator was recreated the circumstances of the crimes and collected evidence of the involvement of the accused,” – said in GSU SK the Russian Federation.

The detectives found out that on 19 April 2002 Anya went to visit the parents of her lover Sergei Nikitin. As has told Sergey, Anja’s mother forbade her daughter to communicate with him, since Nikitin had been previously convicted. However, Anya was telling her mom that will spend the night at a girlfriend’s, and she often stayed home from Nikitin.

Sergey’s parents were not against his relationship with an underage schoolgirl, but she probably was jealous of Sergei’s sister Kate, who studied with her in the same school.

On the right track operatives came out in 2002. Then Kate said during interrogation that she was allegedly taken away by unknown on the black “Volga”. To verify this information then no one.

And in 2014, after the start of the campaign for opening cold case files, investigators took the same trail. At first they suspected in the murder of a young girl Sergei Nikitin and decided to put pressure on his sister. Fearing for his brother, Katya burst into tears and began to confess.

It turned out that Kate brought Anna “on conversation” in the yard, and the girl came out wearing Slippers and without clothing, as I was planning to spend the night at Sergey’s home. Kate on the street beat the girl. The beating was also attended by Kathy friend by the name of Sokolov. This same friend section of the girl and burned her clothes.

The arguments of the accused in his defense were denied by indications of witnesses, results of forensic examinations, as well as gather various information from the state departments and agencies.

“The accused Burenko, several attempts to direct the investigation down the wrong path and to absolve themselves of charges of murder of a minor” – added the investigators.

A particular legal challenge for investigators was provided by the fact that the corpse of the victim during the investigation, could not be found. However, by conducting complex investigative actions and operational-search activities were denied the version according to which the girl is alive.

The investigators noted an odd coincidence: a month after the murder, on 13 may 2002, in the woods, on the edge of which the killer dumped the body, there was a fire. Perhaps, then, it was destroyed the girl’s body. Moreover, as follows from the testimony Volkov, Burenko in may offered him to go to the crime scene and check what happened to the body of Ani.

Roman Burenko A. and Andrew M. Volkov found guilty under paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 (“Murder juvenile”) and paragraph “a, d” of part 2 of article 126 (“kidnapping a minor”) of the criminal code. Wolves became the only one of four defendants who made a plea deal.

Add that to 29 may 2015 in the First channel out the program “Man and law”, in which it was told (since 41 minutes) on the disclosure of the murder of Schoolgirls in Reutov.

The transfer was said that one of the accomplices in the murder – Artem Manukyan (he was among those who took the girl to the cemetery and hid her body). According to the partner, the victim often appeared to him in a dream until then, until he confessed.

At the time of the murder Manukyan was a teenager, so it did not prosecute due to the expiration of limitations. The fourth person involved Sergey Kazakov has refused grateful indications.

According to one version, Anya had been gang-raped before death. The defendants admitted that about something talked with the girl in turns in the back seat of the car. However, they argued that there was no rape.

Alexander Kozachuk believes that his sister has threatened the torturers publicity. After that they decided to kill her to conceal the crime.

As noted in the press, the main suspect, Roman Burenko grew up “in a decent rich family.” He studied at the University. “Life has been spoiled. In what does not deny never”, – said about the novel, the operative of criminal investigation Department of the Moscow Vladislav Gordievsky.

According to him, one day affair organized assault on himself and his sister. Then friends on a tip Burenko was abducted from his parents ‘ home values. At other times the novel beat the neighbor and stole things from his apartment. A criminal case on this episode was closed.

According to press reports, the Novel from the prison saved his father – a businessman Alexei Burenko. For this purpose, the merchant “sold the apartment,” he said in the program “Man and law”. Many witnesses refused to testify against Roman, faced with threats in the address.

On mystical coincidence, the life involved in the murder of girls did not happen. Burenko has been ill with cancer and lost her mother. Ekaterina Nikitina (Khodyreva) went to jail for stealing cosmetics from the store and was seriously ill. Her friend Sokolov jumped out of the window, committing suicide.

In Moscow condemned the “idlers” who watched the beating of the girl and then kidnapped her and killed 18.04.2017

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