On Friday the Moscow city court announced the verdict to a former student of the police College Maxim Klimkin and his accomplice Alexei Guryleva. They were found guilty of murder for hire and attempted murder. It is established that Klimkin had intended to kill his relatives, including little sister, to take possession of real estate.

The decision of the court Maxim Klimkin will spend behind bars for 16 years, then his freedom will be limited to 1.5 years. Alex Guryleva appointed punishment in the form of 9,5 years of imprisonment. Klimkin send in a colony of strict regime, and Guryleva, in the colony of General regime, according to the official website of the Moscow city court.

A terrible crime was committed on the evening of 16 March 2016 in the apartment on the second floor of the building located on Belorechenskaya street, Moscow. Returning at 18:10 home owner found in a blood-stained tub, the body of 12-year-old daughter. Nearby lay several knives and a kitchen hatchet for meat cutting. The school, as it was established by forensic experts, has caused 40 strikes, including in the neck and the head.

Later he returned home the spouse of the man who fainted on seeing the body of her daughter.

The loss kept in the house of values testified in favor of the version about a robbery. By reviewing surveillance footage, investigators determined the appearance of the suspect. Signs were handed over to the patrols, and after a few hours like the young man was arrested at Paveletsky station.

Arrested was 17-year-old newcomer from Saratov. The teenager immediately began to confess not only about killing but also about the motives. The young man said he was hired by the elder brother killed them girls with the intent to get the inheritance.

Father Maxim Klimkin worked as a lecturer in Polytechnic College N2, and the mother in one of the city services. Their deceased daughter studied at Lyceum 1547 with profound studying of English. And son Maxim studied at the police College, but in the third year was expelled for academic failure.

A job the young man did not go. However, he wanted to live in prosperity, buying expensive clothes and gadgets. To this end, he decided to kill relatives in order to seize the family estate, the press wrote.

“A state of the family had. Muscovites, inherited from deceased relatives Klimkin got three flats in the capital. It’s, you know, at least more than ten million rubles,” – told a source close to the investigation. However, as later reported in court, in one case the victim did not belong to the whole apartment but only a room in a communal apartment.

Maxim also expected to take over the car, land and other valuable assets.

According to some, two of the three apartments was taking the family. And Maxim has decided to kill his sister and parents to unilaterally dispose of the property. Waiting for adulthood, the attacker began to act, searching for the killer. Punishment Maxim hoped to disguise it as a robbery.

Acquainted in a social network “Vkontakte” Aleksey Gumilevym, Muscovite offered him as a reward for a triple murder in a communal room on the outskirts of Moscow and 60 thousand rubles, which were kept in the safe parents. The teenager agreed and went to the capital, leaving his mother a note that he had found a job in Moscow. Before that, the attackers for two weeks were e-mails discussing the details of the future crime.

For the execution of the plan. 14 Mar 2016 under false pretenses received from his father 11 thousand rubles, most of which he transferred to the Bank account of the partner to buy them a ticket to Moscow and other specified costs.

The killer gave the girl 40 blows with a hatchet

March 16 in person Maxim warned of a potential killer, that all his relatives back home at different times. Day teenager, in accordance with the criminal plan, it was necessary to kill the girl, but towards evening her parents.

Criminals bought with the money Klimkin hat and glasses to hide the appearance Guryleva, garbage bags and rubber gloves to conceal traces of the crime. Around 13:00 Klimkin brought Guryleva in the apartment where he lived with his family members. There, the customer gave to the contractor the clothes, cooking the hammer-hatchet for cutting meat, the keys to the apartment and left home to establish an alibi.

After a few hours Gurilev, remained in the kitchen, waited for the return of the Schoolgirls. He attacked the girl from behind, causing at least 40 blows with a hammer-hatchet to the head and neck. The death of the victim arrived at the scene.

“Moving the body into the bathroom, Gurilev had washed away traces of blood on the floor in the apartment and informed the customer about committing the first crime, having received the approval and to proceed with the implementation of the criminal plan,” reads the press release of the court.

However, the plan of the intruders went out the window after passing by the house where the murder occurred, accidentally drove the police car with the included flasher. The killer panicked and left the scene without waiting for the return of the parents of the customer.

According to the teachers of the Lyceum N1547, where he studied previously, Maxim, studying he coped poorly. But the teenager “attempted to conquer the boys from the class authority, treating them in the cupboard”. However, respect Maxim is not used and after the ninth grade went to College for future police officers.

About Guryleva former high school buddies told me that he went to College after the ninth grade. His mother was a postal worker, and his father sells spare parts.

The fault of the defendants confirmed by a procedural document, including the Protocol inspection of the scene, Protocol inspection of mobile phones of the defendants, correspondence in social networks, video surveillance cameras in the entryway of the house, the testimony of the victims, material evidence and other materials.

Maxim Klimkin found guilty in the murder of a minor committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement from mercenary promptings on hiring, and also in attempt at murder of two persons by a group of persons from mercenary promptings on hiring (part 3 of article 33, paragraph “h” of part 2 of article 105, part 1 of article 30, part 3 of article 33, paragraph “a, h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code).

Alex Gurulev convicted of the murder of a minor committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement from mercenary promptings and attempt at murder of two persons from mercenary promptings on hiring (item “h” of part 2 of article 105, part 1 of article 30, paragraph “h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code).

These are the charges the law provides for punishment up to life term of imprisonment. However, no person under the age at the time of committal of particularly grave crime the age of 18 years cannot be appointed imprisonment for a term exceeding 10 years (section 6 of article 88 of the criminal code). For this reason, Gurilev escaped with a relatively small sentence.

The Prosecutor asked for Klimkin 17 years, and for Guryleva – 9,5 years of a colony. The court took into account mitigating circumstances: the absence of both the accused a criminal record, cooperation of the accused with the investigation, their age, the positive characteristics of the place of learning.

In Moscow, convicted expelled student of the police College, organised the murder of 12-year-old sister for three apartments 21.04.2017

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