Lublin court of Moscow on Monday, 10 October, was sentenced to 12 years in a strict regime colony 58-year-old Muscovite Sergei galakhova, who in January killed 25-the summer girl, informs “Interfax”. Irritation men was the fact that the girl through a loudspeaker luring passers-by into the store fur garments. A bullet fired by Golfowym from the gun, hit the victim in the heart.

Also the court has partially satisfied the civil suit of relatives
killed. The convict will have to pay the plaintiff 260 980 rubles
material damage and 2 million rubles as compensation for moral
harm. At the hearing Sergey Galakhov pleaded guilty.

The tragic incident occurred on 26 January 2016 in the South-East of Moscow. Then Galakhov, being in the house N41 on Sovkhoznaya street, fired from a hunting rifle “Lynx” to a woman, touting the store with a megaphone. From the received wounds 25-year-old Anna N. died on the spot. Investigators the killer said that loud is allowed him to relax.

Eyewitnesses said that the detainee spent the whole day complaining about the noise under the Windows and even called the police. He Galakhov said in court that two years could not find peace because of street advertisers. He noted that prior to that 33 years was engaged in work related to constant stress. As a result, according to the man, he broke down and picked up the gun, but loaded it with non-combat and traumatic cartridges.

As told to the killer, he shot rasprostranennie advertising under his feet, and he only wanted to scare her. But the hand trembled and the bullet penetrated the victim’s heart.

In the trial Galakhov told about interesting facts of his biography. So, according to the man, before the army he worked at the Institute of nuclear engineering, where the service went into the reactor with nuclear fuel.

After the army, Muscovite, words which leads TASS, for eight years he worked as a security guard oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky at the time when he “wanted to kill Boris Berezovsky.” Galakhov also claims that he engaged in “launch spy satellites”. And for the last 11 years the accused was the chief engineer at a company that installs fire alarms.

In January 2016, as found media galakhova fired, after which he allegedly left in the bout.

A criminal case was opened under part 1 article 105 (“Murder”) and part 1 of article 222 (“Illegal circulation of firearms”) of the criminal code.

In Moscow court has sentenced the man who killed a girl with a megaphone for hype 10.10.2016

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