Activists of the unregistered political party “Another Russia” held an action of protest near the Moscow residence of U.S. Ambassador to Russia. About 15 people came to Spaso house, unfurled a banner “Fuck off USA!”, scattered leaflets and pelted the building with flares. Later, three activists were detained by law enforcement officers.

As reported in his blog the representative of the party Alexander Averin, in the course of the protest, the police arrested three of the national Bolsheviks. They were Igor Pike, Marat Salakhiev and Sergei Kaplanov. While Averin also said that one of the protesters handcuffed themselves to the fence around the house’s.

According to Averina, the protesters demanded the withdrawal of U.S. bases, U.S. troops and missile defense systems from Europe. “The security of Europe – the handiwork of the Europe”, – said the NBP. In addition, a member “Other Russia” in his blog published the text of the leaflet that the BNP spread far from the residence of the American Ambassador.

“The US is an aggressive state, voluntarily took upon himself the role of “world policeman”. Over the past twenty years, the U.S. and NATO military bloc, in which the United States occupy a leading position, has carried out the invasion of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, bringing the people of these countries, suffering and death. Only the Russian military operation was saved from this fate Syria. American bases in Eastern Europe and the missile defense system that could be equipped with offensive missiles, threaten Russia’s security, forcing our country to retaliatory measures”, – stated in the leaflets.

Later in the official group of the “Other Russia” in “Vkontakte” appeared a message with the clarification that three detainees NBP was delivered by police to the police station Arbat.

Photos from today’s action at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence. Will video

In Moscow detained threw flares the residence of the US Ambassador to the activists of “Other Russia” 26.10.2016

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