Employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department detained a native of the Caucasus, who is suspected of a daring theft committed in one of capital restaurants. An attacker in a crowded room grabbed someone else’s bag and took out a large sum of money. However, his actions were recorded by the surveillance camera, a video published by the police.

Criminal punishment for a foreigner that claims to be involved in winemaking. Along with the alleged thief fighters SOBR was arrested and his accomplice, who is also a native of the Caucasus, according to the official website of the Metropolitan Moi.

According to investigators, the theft was committed on 19 September 2016 at about 14:47 in one of the places of entertainment in the center of Moscow.

On the captured footage shows the suspect looking around and assessing the situation, two reception took possession of the bag of another customer sitting at the next table. The attacker put the bag on his lap for about 15 seconds and studied its contents, periodically being distracted masking the absorption of food. There were numerous witnesses (the frame has got more than ten people), the suspect past the scurrying waiters, but no one suspicious has not noticed.

After 15 seconds the client of the restaurant began to show concern. He held hands right and left from his chair and could not find the bag. Then the attacker in one motion pushed the bag under the chair the victim, and then buried his face in his plate. The victim businessman finally reached the lost thing took the bag in his hands and calmed down. Only a few hours later the man, dined at the restaurant with a colleague, noticed complete disappearance from bags of 500 thousand rubles. Then he went to the police.


A video made by a surveillance camera in the restaurant, helped to calculate the alleged thieves. They were arrested near a gas station on the street Suschevsky Shaft.

At the moment men, aged from 43 to 57 years, is charged under part 3 of article 158 of the criminal code (“Theft”). Caught by natives of Georgia, has previously been repeatedly convicted for such crimes.

One of the detainees had an honest winemaker who arrived in the capital to look for new markets, reports 360. The second defendant said that he lives in Moscow from 1970-ies, but was not working, so how is a disabled child.

Investigators believe that the detainees are specialized in the theft of money from customers of the trendy places of the capital.

The defendants in the criminal case remanded in custody.

We will add, a similar case occurred in early October, the restaurant Tutto Bene, located in the N8 building, building 1 at the Presnenskaya embankment in Moscow. There, an unknown attacker robbed 36-year-old liquidator National organization of arbitration managers. According to the victim, he stole from the purse of 250 thousand rubles and 300 euros, reported AGN “Moscow”.

The perpetrator acted in a similar way, using the fact that the victim put the bag near his feet during the meal. At this point, the purse was stolen.

The Association of “national organization of arbitration managers” Association (“Naturbar”) is a self-regulating organization of arbitration managing Directors registered in Moscow and received the status of SRO 6 December 2013. It is designed for associations of citizens of the Russian Federation, entities of professional activity carrying out regulated by the Federal law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)” professional activities, engaging in private practice.

In Moscow detained “winemaker”, who stole from a customer’s purse restaurant 500 thousand rubles (VIDEO) 25.10.2016

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