With the beginning of the year the Metropolitan police seized from illegal turnover of about 500 kilograms of narcotic and strong means, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Deputy head of Department turnover
drug of the Moscow Central Directorate of police Nikolay Arkhipov.

According to him, since the beginning of year in Moscow was over 7.5 thousand
Crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking. 68% of these crimes belong to the category of grave and especially grave.

More than 4 thousand criminal cases on crimes committed in this
Field, sent to the court. “This year, the court has sent over 170
criminal cases on crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking, committed in
an organized group. Over the same period last year, this
the figure was 130 cases,” said Nikolai Arkhipov.

He stressed that one of the priority tasks of management is
the fight against organized crime. During the reporting period in the capital revealed dozens of drug labs.

“The police documented more than 20 laboratories
for the production of amphetamines on the territory of the capital. The production of such
drug possible at home. The identification of such laboratories
is a priority in the work of the office,” said Arkhipov.

According to him, continues active struggle with
the spread of Smoking mixtures is prohibited in the city.

In turn, the head of the 3rd Department of the organization
activities of police officers and PD capital dome
Tatyana Medvedev told reporters that since the beginning of year in Moscow
it eliminated a lot of drug houses.

“This year, the police managed to eliminate more than 170
shooting galleries in Moscow. Most were
North East – 27 dens, 25 – East of the capital, 17 more in the North
Of Moscow”, – said Tatiana Medvedeva

She noted that over the same period last year was
eliminated about 130 drug houses. According to her, the district
commissioners of police active work on the prevention and
the identification of drug dens in residential and administrative sectors of the capital.

In Moscow for six months, the police seized 500 kg of narcotics and liquidated narcobrothels 170 11.08.2016

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