City inspectors discovered the theft of a mobile phone that belonged to the winner of the seventh season of the TV show “Battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova. According to field investigators, the crime was committed, “the boy on a call”. Moreover, in the stolen gadget were naughty pictures.

Criminal punishment for a 20-year-old native of the Crimea Timur Palagachev. He assisted in a capital sexual services for money, and at the same time robbed of their clients. Victims become gigolo for several people, writes LifeNews.

As told by the victim Ilona Novoselova, with Timur she met in a social network “Vkontakte”. According to the victim, in that moment, she was very ill and she decided to invite Palagachev to his apartment in the East of Moscow, “to escape”.

“I didn’t know him really. Came to visit, and he left with my phone,” said Ilona. Before that, the attacker asked the girl’s cell phone on the pretext that his own phone stopped working.

According to LifeNews, theft Timur photos Ilona intimate nature.

“I don’t know what there were pictures and photographed whether it is me that evening – said Ilona. – This person can now any nasty things about me to publish, just to blacken”.

The theft occurred last winter, but so far detectives have identified several episodes involving Palagachev.

We will add that shemale Ilona Novoselova have already appeared in the criminal chronicle. In 2013 her kidnapped along with her friend, and then demanded for the release of the girls 7.5 million rubles.

In the police reports of stolen passed as men. But after their release it was revealed that shortly before the crime victim Andrey Novoselov and his companion had a sex change and become female.

The organizer of the abduction of the screen star and her sweetheart was the 39-year-old Stanislav V., which in 2012 was doing repairs in the apartment Ilona. His accomplice was a 17-year-old student Nikita L. Commandos arrested a teenager in Sergiev Posad, where the bandits kept stolen.

Later, the grandmother of Nikita Nina Lisovets complained to journalists of NTVthat the witch Ilona put a curse on her family: her sister died, and the pensioner began to have problems with health – rocketed pressure, there are back pain and dizziness.

When to explain the situation on the threshold of the house of Ilona was a film crew, a psychic was aggressive and broke the camera. Reporters call the police, which I had to take home the witch by storm.

In Moscow gigolo stole the winner of “Battle of psychics” phone with intimate photos 03.08.2015

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