Employees of the head investigative Department of GU MVD in Moscow searched the office of the largest Russian Internet-shop of electronic books “Litres” on the 2nd Zvenigorodskaya street as part of a criminal investigation against the head of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) Maxim Rabuka, reports “Kommersant”.

In “Litres” reporters confirmed that, indeed, Friday from 12:00 to 14:00 in the office of the CEO of the company officers conducted the seizure of documents relevant to the criminal case. In this case, the seizure has exposed the documents confirming the reality of the relationship between LLC “Litres” and ISAPI.

Law enforcement agencies, in particular, interested in the authenticity of the contract between the Litres and business partner Rabuka Artem Shcherbakov, who was assigned debt of the company “Buck Baker” in the amount of 4.5 million rubles.

This debt, as explained in “Litres”, was formed in the course of a long relationship between the company and “Imobilco” and “Buck Baker”. It was recorded by a court decision dated may 26 and July 19, was issued a writ of execution to enforce this debt. Later the debt was assigned to Mr. Shcherbakov. The seizure, the company said, its work is not affected.

5 October in Moscow law enforcement officers have detained the head of ISAPI Maxim Rabika on suspicion in extortion of 50 million rubles from the owner of the online store. Then it was reported that all materials on the case were transmitted to the investigative bodies of the MIA of Russia for the adoption of procedural decisions.

“During carrying out quickly-investigation actions employees of the Main Department of own safety of the MIA of Russia in a cafe in downtown Moscow caught red-handed receiving part of this sum – 5 million roubles detained two men suspected of fraud,” – said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

According to her, against the founder of one of the online stores had previously been prosecuted for illegal sales of electronic products. “Using this information and acting as intermediaries or representatives of victim organizations, the attackers began to blackmail him 50 million rubles as compensation to the injured party. To dispose of the money they were going at their discretion,” explained Wolf.

Day 6 Oct Rabuka in conversation with journalists “Газеты.Ru” denied information about their detention. “I don’t know where this information is. I was not detained,” he said. The media, however, reported that Rabuka together with his friend Artem Alexandrov promised to close a criminal case against the businessman for 5 million rubles. In this regard, he was arrested in restaurant Burgers and Crabs the transfer of money.

“No Artem Aleksandrov I don’t know the restaurant Burgers and Crabs I wasn’t either yesterday or today,” added Rabuka. He also disproved the information that was demanding money from anyone for the termination of criminal cases. “Not required and not promised. I’m not an investigator to the case to close” – he stressed.

Later on the official website ISAPI message appears, stating that on 5 October a meeting took place between Nikolay Belousov, who owns the website “Imobilco” and representing the interests of the company “Litres” Rabuka and lawyer Shcherbakov.

This meeting was dedicated to a different precedent, namely, the repayment of long outstanding debt of one of the firms affiliated with Belousov arising under the commercial relationship with the company “Litres”, specified in ISAPI. 26 may was a positive decision of Arbitration court of Moscow on 19 July and issued a writ of execution to enforce the debt from the company Belousova, added in the organization.

During the meeting Rabuka and Shcherbakov refused to discuss with Belousov any questions in the criminal case, expressing willingness to talk exclusively on the details of repayment of the specified debt. Belousov gave the lawyer Shcherbakov 5 million roubles on account of repayment of overdue debt, in return for which he has received the receipt of acceptance of money funds, said in ISAPI.

Then Rabuka and Shcherbakov was detained by officers of the interior Ministry. After a detailed conversation, clarification of circumstances and facts, they were released. The investigative authorities found no basis for the application to Rabuka and Shcherbakov measures such as arrest or recognizance not to leave, according to the Association.

“ISAPI in the current situation, intends to continue to pursue “pirates” in civil and criminal plane, and also seek to step up the investigation of the case “Librusek”. We believe this enforcement precedent will be an example for other “pirate” companies and their partners,” said the organization.

Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet is in search of illegal content owned by its clients, and struggle with its placement. AZAPI has repeatedly sued on various grounds, with the participation of this organization, a decision was reached on the indefinite blocking of the popular Russian torrent tracker Rutracker.org.

In Moscow have passed searches in office of the Internet-shop of electronic books “Litres” 15.10.2016

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