About 500 people came on Friday evening to the building of the British Embassy and pelted him with the limbs of mannequins, reports TASS. So they expressed protest against the actions of British protesters who on the eve has blocked the work of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in the UK.

British activists of The Syria Campaign have protested against Moscow’s actions in Syria. Such actions have previously urged the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

At the gates of the Russian representative on Thursday appeared installation made from plastic models of the human limbs. Hands clinging to each other to form a pyramid. And the hand at the top of the pyramid, reaching for the gates of the Russian Embassy.

The Russian Embassy sent a protest note to the foreign office of great Britain. Diplomats said that on the 3rd of November, the entrance to the Consular section “was littered with parts from the mannequins, and the protesters chained themselves to the entrance to the diplomatic missions”. As a result, the visitors of the Embassy and the Embassy staff was denied access to the building, said the diplomatic note.

In Moscow on Friday, the protesters held placards in English and Russian languages with the slogans: “Down with double standards”, “Our diplomats are inviolable”.

In addition, opposite the building of the Embassy was set up easels with signs-spattered with red paint, which symbolized blood. They were lists of military operations, which involved troops of great Britain.
This is the second action of Moscow residents who are protesting at the walls of the British Embassy, the Agency said.

In Moscow held a reciprocal action, throwing the British Embassy plastic limbs 04.11.2016

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