In Moscow wheelchair users Anton Mamayev with the disease, preventing content in the detention center, was returned to the hospital at the detention facility. It is specially dispatched the convicted person from the order of economic security jail.

In a statement on the website of the Federal penitentiary service said earlier Mamayev examined in the city clinical hospital named after A. K. Eramishantsev. After inspection of the Federal penitentiary service intends to send the medical report to the court with a demand to release a disabled person from custody.

As told TASS the lawyer of the arrested Andrei Orlov, a medical Commission diagnosed Mamayev diseases included in the list of serious illnesses preventing the detention. Orlov said that among those diseases – pediatric spinal muscular atrophy.

“The petition is directed not to appeal the sentence of 30 June, and to change my client a measure of restraint in form of detention for softer until the appointment and appeal the verdict. Otherwise Mamaev could die in jail before the case to the Moscow city court,” said Orlov.

30 June 2017 Mamaev was sentenced to 4.5 years of imprisonment. The court found that a disabled person who cannot move without assistance, participated in the attack on two people to take a scooter. Helped him to move about in a wheelchair, was recognized as an accomplice of robbery and sentenced to three years in prison.

On 10 July about the verdict Mamaev wrote to the media. Then the case was assigned to Prosecutor’s office. After reviewing the sentence, the Prosecutor’s office came to the conclusion that the court’s decision on sentencing without proper study of health status and the possibility of serving the penalty of deprivation of liberty is unreasonable. In this regard, the prosecution made appeals representation in which has raised the question about cancellation of a sentence.

In Moscow, Mamayev disabled with the disease, preventing content in the detention center, was returned to the hospital at the prison 17.07.2017

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