Moscow authorities announced a competition for the construction of the center acrobatic
rock-n-roll complex “Larks” on the basis of sports school N29
“Khamovniki” in the Odintsovo district, which was engaged in Katherine
Tikhonov – the supposed youngest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin
and Vice-President
The world Confederation of acrobatic rock-n-roll, reports
the TV channel “Rain”.

As stated on the website
the Department, competition for execution of works on construction
object declared subordinate to the Department of public enterprise
“Grand sports arena “Luzhniki”.

According to the head of Department of construction of Moscow Andrei
Bochkareva, a contest scheduled for November 9.
The initial (maximum) contract price is two billion
rubles. Enter the sports complex is scheduled to open in 2019

The tender for two billion appeared on the website
public procurement on September 13, and October 24 was updated.

The project envisages the construction of dormitories with a total area of 9100
sqm 300 seats with the dining room with 150 seats, conference hall with 150 seats.
and a room for theoretical lessons with 150 seats.

In addition, the planned construction of sports
complex with total area of 12550 sq. m. in 318 student
household buildings of the checkpoint.

The complex must be equipped with trampoline hall, acrobatic
rock ‘ n ‘ roll bleachers with two thousand seats, dance and
gyms, swimming pools, a Wellness centre and a snack bar for spectators.

The contractor will also need to landscape the surrounding area
with an area of 9.1 hectares. In the list of works on improvement – create
helipads, construction of the path network for walking and
running the “device of small architectural forms”. Also, the project
provides for electric heating pad in front of the main entrance.

Sports, as highlighted on the website of the Department of construction,
“is the leading institution in Moscow and in Russia for the development of
acrobatic rock-n-roll” and “made a great contribution to the development and
strengthening of sports prestige of Moscow and Russia”. In the championship of Russia
in acrobatic rock-n-roll in 2014, the sports school was represented by
a pair of Klimov Ivan and Katerina Tikhonova, taking second place.

Katerina Tikhonova, the interest of which in the media perked up after
Reuters and Bloomberg recognized her as the youngest daughter of the Russian
the President, Vice-President of the world Confederation for
acrobatic rock-n-roll, and also manages the Fund “Inpractice”,
in which he declared that have no relation to the new sports center.

Executive Director of Russian Federation of acrobatic
rock-n-roll Hope Erastova also said that the Federation “no
to do with any project is” about the construction
it has no “no information”. “None at all. Even nothing can
comment. You let me won’t interview,” the
said Erastova.

The status of Katerina Tikhonova as the daughter of the President by the President on
press conference 17 December 2015 have not been confirmed or refuted: “I never discuss issues with my family.
They are not engaged in business and not in politics,” Putin said
in response to a direct question. However, since the beginning of 2015 has accumulated a large
the amount of circumstantial evidence in favor of this conjecture, in particular,
this is confirmed by the Chairman of the Board of “Gazprombank” Andrey Akimov.

In Moscow on the base of sport school Catherine Tikhonova built center of acrobatic rock-n-roll 27.10.2016

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