In Moscow criminal case of the withdrawal of assets from “the Note-Bank” was arrested 54-year-old hereditary fortuneteller Nona Mihai. According to investigators, the woman was engaged in sorcery and divination for another defendant in the case of Larisa Marchukova. Investigators believe the fortune teller an accomplice to the crime, reports channel “Rain”.

Reporters learned that Mihai was taken into custody on October 1, Monday, 24th, the Moscow city court left in force the decision of the Tver court of capital about the arrest of a fortune-teller, which is accused as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large size).

“Nota-Bank” lost its license in November last year. Currently, the criminal case connected with a credit institution, are co-owners of the Bank brothers Erohina, financial Director Galina Marchukova and her sister Larissa Marchukova. Nona Mihai became the fifth defendant, said the TV channel.

During the hearing it was announced that Mihai often talked with Larissa Marchukova and gave her advice based on divination, divination cards, old books and tea leaves. In addition, a fortune teller read prayers for the success of its clients in the business.

According to the lawyer Maxim Burdin, the defendant completed four classes in secondary schools, not versed in Economics and Finance, so could not give bankers professional advice.

“It turns out that she is accused of divination, fortune-telling, astral, accompanied by destiny and other nonsense in the case of fraud in the form of complicity. The fortune teller rogues – what a partner to the crime?”, asked Burdin in the course of the hearing.

Mihai itself the court declared that does not remember what they talked about, Larissa Marchukova because she was only one of many clients. Gypsy held a reception at their 11-room apartment on Frunzenskaya embankment. According to relatives, Mihai, it was a queue of visitors on the several flights of stairs.

“Nota-Bank” was founded in 1994 as in Tyumen, “Tyumen regional Bank for development”. In 1997 it was renamed the “White North”, and it obtained its current title in 2004. On 1 September 2015 in the volume of assets “Nota-Bank” was ranked 80-th place among Russian credit institutions.

In Moscow on the case of money laundering in the “Nota-Bank” arrested a hereditary fortune 25.10.2016

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