The capital’s investigators opened a criminal case on minor Muscovite whom suspect of cruel beating of the girl in the Parking lot of the shopping center. The crime was captured on camera and the video later posted on the Internet.

The actions of ill-minded women qualified under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 115 (“Deliberate causing of a little harm to health committed from hooligan promptings”) and part 1 of article 137 (“Infringement of inviolability of private life”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation, reports the official website of the RF IC. For each of these articles the young Ratched types face a penalty of two years imprisonment.

According to investigators, the evening of 3 November 2016 “three underage girls, being the Parking lot of the shopping center, located at Prospekt Mira in Moscow, during the arisen because of jealousy of the conflict had beaten his friend”.

Tomboy has caused 14-year-old victim physical pain and injury as injury of the nose, abrasions of the face, contusion of the lumbar region, the concussion. The fourth accomplice filmed the beating on video. Subsequently, the roller beating “were illegally published on the Internet, which resulted in a violation of the privacy of the victim”, note the investigators.

Shocking footage also released by channel REN TV. They are seen as one of the girls drags the victim across the floor by the hair. All three accomplice beat the victim with their feet, including the face.


Currently, suspects under investigations, and the victim was put in the hospital. Appointed forensic medical examination.

“The results of investigation of actions of all participants will be given the appropriate legal assessment”, – have concluded in SK the Russian Federation.

The parents of the suspects tried to negotiate with the mother of the victim, but she intends to seek punishment through the court, misleading “vestige”. “She (the mother of one of the girls. – Approx., of course, tried the whole thing immediately to hush up and asked for forgiveness, but I want no apology, no forgiveness. I want these young ladies to justice and punished. I will write wherever possible and where it is impossible to achieve justice in relation to his child,” said the mother of the victim.

We will add, a similar case occurred in the Frunze district of St. Petersburg. There on 8 November on the grounds of jealousy stabbed seventh graders.

The attack on 14-year-old teenager had been in the entrance of the house on the Small Balkan street in the Kupchino. At 19:40 the victim was taken to the hospital named rauchfuss. The doctors diagnosed him with cut wounds to the face, writes “”.

According to preliminary information, the victim had a quarrel with the 18-year-old boys over a girl, during which the older man has caused student injuries.

In Moscow opened a criminal case against the girls, who shot video of the beating peers in the Parking lot, 09.11.2016

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