Investigators in the Department of internal Affairs Sao of Moscow filed on Tuesday criminal case upon road accident with a deadly outcome, the alleged perpetrator of which was a 25-year-old musician Luca Zatravkin. He is the offspring of the famous artist Nikas Safronov. According to preliminary data, the car Zatravkin pianist brought down the pensioner, perehodivshuyu the road at a red light. The deceased was chaired by the district charity Fund.

The criminal case opened under part 3 of article 264 of the criminal code (“Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles”), reports the official website of GU MVD of Moscow.

“The accident occurred on the evening of 11 March on the street Academic Big – said in a press release. – The driver of the BMW car knocked down 78-year-old woman who crossed the road”. The pensioner died at the scene.

As part of the investigation of the assigned examiner, and is also searching for witnesses.

Luke Zatravkin lawyer Ruben Markaryan confirmed the criminal case against his client. “I was informed about the initiation of proceedings. The decision of the investigator I have not yet seen,” he said.

As reported by TASS himself Luka Zatravkin, the charge hasn’t been presented. According to him, at the end of April he will hold a charity concert, all proceeds will be transferred to the Fund for the support of persons with disabilities for the Northern district of the capital, which was led by the deceased woman.

“Now we coordinate the exact date and hall, which will host the concert. I can say that this will be the 20th of April,” said Zatravkin.

He also said that he had been in contact with relatives of the deceased through their lawyer. “I could not find their phone, recognized the phone number of their attorney, contacted him. Now we still keep in touch,” said the pianist.

Some details of the incident pianist and his father took, speaking in the program “the mirror for the hero” on channel NTV.

According to Luke, he’s not breaking the rules of the road and drove on allowing signal of the traffic light. The examination also showed that the young man was sober. “She popped up on “red”, – said the pianist about the deceased pensioner. – There are many witnesses that she was moving to the “red” and has gone beyond the pedestrian zone. But how can she be guilty? The pedestrian is always right. I offer my sincere condolences to the family of the deceased”.

“It was a terrible tragedy, and it so happened that one of the participants in the tragedy is my son – said the artist Nikas Safronov. – I think we won’t judge him now – who is right and who is wrong. But the fact that it will be a huge wound, bleeding all my life… I’m sure he will pray a lifetime for this woman, for her soul”.

Luka Zatravkin said that he did not know how to live with the guilt. “I don’t think to justify themselves” – leads TASS his words.

“The first days were, of course, very hard – I could neither sleep, nor drink… I was wondering how would this nightmare end quickly. So inside I feel ownership, guilt,” admitted Zatravkin.

Luka Zatravkin is one of the illegitimate children of Nikas Supernova, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The young man is a composer, pianist-virtuoso. Music Luke worked from the age of five under the guidance of his mother, associate Professor Inna Zatravkin, who has long taught at Moscow state pedagogical University. Later Luke went to music school at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

He toured a lot in Europe. Zatravkin is the winner of 16 international music competitions, reported on the page of the artist in the social network Facebook.

Nikas Safronov repeatedly got in an accident

Father Luke, honored artist of Russia Nikas Safronov, repeatedly got in an accident in his Porsche Cayenne. In 2010 at the intersection of prospect Mira with 1st Ostankinskaya street its prestigious foreign car cut the driver of Daewoo Nexia. As a result of collision Safronov received injuries.

On 2 November 2012 at about 5:00 on crossing of highway of Enthusiasts from the 1st Vladimirskaya street Safronov has not coped with management and crashed into a truck. The artist received cuts splinters of the broken side window of his car Porshe.

The victim was taken to hospital where he got stitches on the eyelid, the newspaper “Trud”.

Safronov is well known as the author of portraits of high-ranking officials, politicians and stars of show business. The name “glamour” of the painter repeatedly figured in scandals. In 2002, the buyers of his pictures had found out that they sell fakes as painted pictures. First it drew the attention of former acting Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Andrey Dunaev, who paid for the portrait of Putin brushes Safronova two thousand dollars. “It soon appeared that these paintings all over Russia more than of these works,” – wrote the newspaper “Izvestia”. Such fakes could be bought in the kiosks of the Federation Council.

In an effort to divert suspicion from himself, Nikas Safronov appealed to the Lefortovo police station of the capital, accusing the Scam of the Ulyanovsk producer Alexander Gaisin. But he said that stamp forgeries with the knowledge of the artist.

In 2006, in an interview with the newspaper “Trud” Safronov said that three of his paintings were purchased by the Hermitage. However, the Museum’s management has denied this information.

In Moscow opened a criminal case on the son of the artist Nikas Safronov, brought down to death 78-year-old head of the Fund of support of invalids 23.03.2016

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