The capital’s investigators opened a criminal case against the social teacher of orphanage, who is suspected in the beating of a minor pupil for disobedience. It is known that the victim suffers from mental illness.

The teacher is charged under article 293 (“the Negligence”) and article 156 (“Improper performance of duties on education of minors”) of the criminal code of the Russian Federation, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to senior assistant Manager GUS RF IC for Moscow (for media relations) Yulia Ivanova.

According to investigators, the evening of 24 November 2016 at the orphanage, located on the street Polar in Moscow, a social worker and repeatedly struck on the head with a 12-year-old pupil. The child then escaped from the orphanage for a long time and was scared to go back.

Investigators had already appointed a forensic examination to establish the degree of the caused harm to health of the child.

Will be questioned by the management and staff of the orphanage and the children to identify other similar episodes of violence.

According to”Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the victim was beaten 54-year-old Eugene Golyakov fellow at the centre for the promotion of family education “polar star”. The incident occurred November 23. That day, teachers took their eight kids to a medical examination. In the orphanage children, including with mental disabilities, only came back for dinner.

12-year-old boy, who had earlier been diagnosed with “mental retardation”, was apparently very hungry. He opened and closed the refrigerator. Cholakov made remarks to the child and asked him to wait until a table is set. However, the pupil continued to Express impatience and eventually got hands in the pot of soup that stood on the table.

Angry, Cholakov grabbed the child by the neck and hit his head on the pot. When the man released the boy, he quickly left the kitchen and went into the room, where he laid down to sleep.

This situation would have remained secret if on November 28, the boy ran away from the orphanage. Until Monday Cholakov not seen him, since there was a change from other teachers. And on Monday morning the man came to the orphanage and began to Wake up wards. The boy woke up and immediately remembered the old grudge. In the confusion he jumped out and rode the underground until he was arrested by the police.

After identification, the boy was sent to children’s hospital N9. Doctors found he had an abrasion on the face. However, the orphan explained its origin in a fight with their peers. The boy told about the conflict with the teacher.

The orphanage was targeted validation. And the viewing of CCTV cameras confirmed the words of the pupil.

Eugene Cholakova was suspended from work. He explains his aggressive behavior emotional breakdown, saying that in that day the teacher was stressed because of difficulties at work.

In the teaching profession Cholakov has worked for 32 years, and in the children’s house on North street, he works from 2014. The social pedagogue has a lot of gratitude. The Director of the orphanage never noticed that this employee is rude to students.

“From the first day, as it happened, I worried. Be sure to find the opportunity to meet and apologize, as I think he is still hurt. Now, while being tested, I think, it is impractical to do so,” said Cholakov representatives of Ombudsman for children.

In Moscow opened a criminal case on the teacher who beat 12-year-old orphans with mental disabilities 30.11.2016

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