In Moscow activists of the Orthodox human rights analytical
center (PPAC) has arrested and handed over to police eight people,
preaching in the trains of the Yaroslavl direction and
The Yaroslavl station, according to information-analytical center “Sova”.
Orthodox vigilantes demanded to bring the detainees for illegal
missionary activity, contrary to the “law of Spring”.

The incident occurred on 7 October 2016. The detainees were handed over
the police, however, they were taken to the office of internal Affairs in Yaroslavl
the station only two. On the website
PAZ says that the detainees – “referring to Jehovah’s witnesses or
neopachygaster”. Activists regret that the police took only two

“Members of the sect, of which two were previously convicted for
drug pushing, flatly refused to admit,
what they organization, as in the case of recognition of liability
religious organizations for the conduct of missionary activity with
the lack of a license faces a fine of up to one million rubles. Also
the detainees were referred to the fact that solely give out the gospel
the Synodal translation of the Russian Orthodox Church,” – said on the website PAC.

Oleg of Vladimir, coordinator PPAC effective
Orthodox-monarchist Association “For faith and Motherland”, said
two detainees were male 40-50 years old previously convicted
the distribution of drugs. Preachers, as it turned out, not heard
the responsibility for illegal missionary activity.

Moreover, according to law enforcement officials, it
first practice the case of the prosecution on this
article. The detainees face fines of up to 50 thousand rubles.

Orthodox activists wrote a statement about the involvement of detainees to
liability under part 4 of article 5.26 of the administrative code (implementation
missionary activities with violation of requirements of legislation on
freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and religious
associations). This rule of the administrative code came into effect
after the adoption of the so-called law of Spring, which reglamentary,
in addition, missionary activities, restricting the ability
to preach outside temples, prohibits preaching in a residential area, and
transfer to non-residential premises for religious

Orthodox human rights analytical center, according to the website and accounts in social networks,
engaged, in particular, the “Orthodox law”, “Brothers and
sisters! If you are faced with a difficult situation and need legal
support all types of legal assistance can provide Orthodox
lawyers. Please repost! God Help Us!” says the is center.
In the comments on the website visitors to write denunciations with tips on where
catch of Jehovah’s witnesses in the Moscow region.

The publication of “Orthodoxy and the world” opposed action “of Orthodox lawyers”

In response to the action PAC on the website “Orthodoxy
and the world”
published an article of journalist-theologian Sergei
Khudiyeva, which condemns “attacks” Orthodox “combatants”
or “activists” with “sectarians”: “This is, in General, of course – people
which is attached to one or other group (tribe, yard gang,
fans of a certain team, etc.) tries to fit in, to show
his devotion, expressing hostility to another group of others
tribe, a gang from a neighboring yard, the fans of the other team. As
it is also clear that this has nothing to do with the faith of the Orthodox or
any more.”

“Moreover, it does not bring the faith, the Church, and the salvation of souls nothing
but harm. Attacks on the sectarians with the help of the police, attempts
to intimidate them and show them their hostility is not
a certificate of Orthodoxy. It is evidence against him,”
explains Hudiev.

According to the author, “the fight against sects looks like a lack of faith, not
as her manifestation.” “The Ministry of the Church – including service to others
misguided – there is a service of love. If you can’t it
incur – you can’t. But in any case it is not necessary to give
xenophobia and aggression in zeal for the right faith,” he said.

In PAC account in the social network “Vkontakte”
Monday, October 10, “Orthodox jurists” issued a rebuke:
“What says the Lord theorists about the thousands of broken lives of people on
the victims, whose lives have been trampled by these wolves in sheep’s clothing,
cover up their wickedness and violence against people of the Christian
symbols and quotes from the Scriptures? No need to deceive,
the Jehovah’s witnesses or Baptists, or Pentecostals, Scientologists, or Mormons
Adventist is a sect (though in different degrees of threat),
Russia leading a destructive, subversive activities
all directions, penetrating into all spheres of society and
States that try to legalize all ways under the guise of
“simply Christians”, and most importantly – claiming the lives and souls of our
citizens. And our responsibility as Christians and just honest citizens
to inform and protect their neighbors from this actively penetrating our
country of infection!”

The first one tried to bring to administrative
liability under the “law of Spring”, became a hare Krishna
from Dzerzhinsk Vadim Siberia, told in the city of Cherkessk
(Karachay-Cherkessia) about his faith and gave religious literature
two passers-by, however, the world court of Cherkessk 15 Aug stopped
the case for lack of corpus delicti.

In August in St. Petersburg for the sermon to the prostitutes, drug addicts were detained
and fined by the court of the Archbishop of the non-canonical Ukrainian
reformed Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior Sergey Zhuravlev.

In September the pastor of the Baptist Church in the Orenburg region accused of organizing an unsanctioned picket of children.

In Moscow “Orthodox lawyers” handed over to the police 8 people for preaching in the trains and at the Yaroslavl station 10.10.2016

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