In the Russian capital, police detained the lawyer Igor Trunova, and French composer, band leader Didier Marouani Space description the “savings Bank” to sign an amicable agreement with Russian singer Philip Kirkorov said the lawyer Lyudmila Aivar. According to her version, Kirkorov, accused by the French of plagiarism has agreed to pay compensation, and he wrote a letter of extortion.

According to Ivar, the detention took place in the “savings Bank” on Pokrovka street, house 19. “Maruani and Trunov was there to sign the settlement agreement with the singer Philip Kirkorov, but the police were waiting for them”, she said. She explained that it has no information about the reasons for detention, but I’m sure that the situation was planned by a lawyer Kirkorov.

In comments to”Interfax” Aivars also suggested that it “was specially rigged”: “Kirkorov could write a statement about the extortion,” she said. That the detention is connected with Kirkorov’s statement about extortion, said an unnamed source TASS.

As explained by the lawyer, a man promised to pay compensation Marouani for the misuse of his music. “We have correspondence with Kirkorov, where he promises to pay compensation – said the lawyer. – Trunov and Maruani went to “Sberbank” to Pokrovka to meet with Kirkorov for signing of the agreement, but there they were waiting for the police and a lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky”.

Kirkorov’s lawyer said the extortion of 1 million euros

In Facebook Dobrovinsky reported that Marouani and his lawyer Igor Trunov arrested at 18:30 by the police on the fact of extortion of one million euros. The details of the lawyer promises to tell at the press conference at 22:00 in the UA office “Dobrovinsky and partners”.

This information was confirmed by the lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky, saying RIA “Novosti”: “I am in the procedure of detention Marouani and Trunova on suspicion in extortion of one million euros my client Philip Kirkorov. Currently we are in the Sberbank”.

Dobrovinsky said that Marouani and Trunov caught red-handed by transfer of money. “As I understand it, a criminal case, once people are detained. Are now carried out operative actions. Will check and count the money,” he said.

The interior Ministry claim that the detainees yet

In a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow, “Interfax” confirmed that the singer Philipp Kirkorov on Tuesday appealed to the police
a statement about the extortion and the dissemination of information discrediting his honor, however, information about the arrest of a musician and a lawyer were denied.

“In the framework of this application began pre-investigation checks, but the detainees at the moment. “Officially, the person is not detained until the Protocol on detention,” – said the police.

The background

In early November, the French group Space and its leader Didier Marouani filed a lawsuit in the Moscow city court demanding to ban Philip Kirkorov to sing “tough love” because it is plagiarism – processing composition Symphonic Space Dream, which was written by the French musician. Marouani was required to repair the damage from copyright infringement and to pay compensation in 75,34 million.

The Moscow city court refused to consider the claim because the dispute to the jurisdiction of the district court, but avtozavodskoe and musicological study of ANO “Center for judicial expertise and research,” recognized the music for the song “Cruel love” plagiarism Symphonic Space Dream.

28 Nov Igor Trunov has declaredthat November 30 will be signed settlement agreement between his client and Philip Kirkorov. According to him, the man himself has offered to settle all disputes on copyright, recognized the claims of the leader of the Space and Marouani flew to Moscow.

As reported by “the Media”, lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky has rejected information about the settlement. “Copyright infringement was not, it’s all invented to get money,” he said.

Press Secretary Kirkorov Anton Korobov-Zemlyansky said that the actor is not the author of the music and the action against him impossible. The case itself, in his estimation, was started as an attempt to Space “remind myself” or to draw attention to the tour or album.

The author of the text and music to the song “Cruel love” Oleg Popkov said that it is considering the possibility of filing a counterclaim to the French team. “Song I wrote myself. I have drafts of songs between 1996 and 1998, RAO song was recorded in 2000. For the first time the song was performed in 1999 by a group of “Miracle island”, where I then worked, we played it at St. Petersburg restaurant “Academy”, – he said, noting that Space perform their composition since 2001.

“I listened to the song of the group Space, the chorus is really similar. But I have a feeling that in their song the chorus is very different from solo, as if artificially made. Still not clear, someone who stole,” – said the Russian composer.

The group Space was created by Didier Marouani, Roland Romanelli and Yannick Top in 1977, when Kirkorov was 10 years old. In the late 1970s, the group released three successful albums: Magic Fly, Deliverance and Just Blue, sold a total circulation of more than 12 million copies.

In Moscow, police detained the leader of the group Space, Kirkorov accused of plagiarism 29.11.2016

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