Accommodation in the Baltic States and Poland four additional battalions of the Alliance are not consistent with the Founding act Russia – NATO. Moscow will have to take adequate measures to ensure the security of the Russian Federation in response to the actions of the Alliance. On Monday, the TV channel “Russia 24″ said Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko.

“Clearly, the deployment of four battalions of NATO – a step that fit into this military-political, even geopolitical line of the Alliance. This will require relevant efforts, to our safety was ensured,” he said.

Grushko emphasized that NATO’s actions lead to significant changes in the military-political situation. “No balance of power as it existed before all these arrangements, NATO, no,” explained the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

“NATO must call, to make any compensating steps. NATO needs to realize that the whole operation of balancing will lead to the fact that we are going to create the balance that existed before NATO attempts to create a counter-potential at the boundaries, which were now NATO borders,” – said Grushko.

He noted that the country where you want to deploy battalions of NATO, including Poland, has never been part of military planning in Russia. “We are trying to enter into some schemes of times of the cold war, we do not need it. If it is necessary for NATO, it is a big question. The Europeans ultimately have to realize that having Russia as a potential enemy in the sense of maintaining military capabilities is a dead – end path,” stressed the Ambassador.

Grushko added that the potential of bilateral negotiations on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start) is exhausted, further movement in this direction should take into account a variety of factors, said Grushko.

“We believe that the resource of bilateral negotiations on strategic arms reductions has been exhausted. A new direction needs to recognize the variety of factors that impact on safety”, – he said. While Grushko admitted that no information was available, did the question start at the NATO summit in Warsaw.

The decision to deploy four battalions of NATO into Eastern Europe was adopted on 8 July during the day. “In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, will be on a rotational basis located battalions”, – said the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Four NATO battalion (one in each country) will be in 2017 located in the bordering countries of Russia on regular bases on a rotational basis: the presence of allies will be constant, but the personnel will be replaced periodically. To send its troops to four Eastern countries of the Alliance have already agreed to the United States, Britain, Germany and Canada.

July 9, speaking at a press conference in Warsaw after the NATO summit, President Barack Obama saidthat the US commitment to the security of Europe never will undergo changes. One of the main threats for the continent, in his opinion, is Russia.

Obama, in particular, noted that the Western countries have organized the most impressive line of collective defense since the cold war in response to Russia’s violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“In this difficult moment I want to take the opportunity to clearly state that will never change. It is the unwavering US commitment to the security and defence of Europe, our transatlantic relationship, our commitment in the field of common defense. Europe has always – in good times and in bad times – can count on the United States,” explained Obama.

NATO continues to count on constructive cooperation with Russia, once Russia’s actions will make it possible, and calls on Russia to dialogue, said in the final Declaration of the summit in Warsaw.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO continues to rely on constructive cooperation with Russia, but Russia itself needs to make it possible. In particular, Stoltenberg, standing next to the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, called on Russia to end its “political, financial and military” support to separatists operating in Eastern Ukraine.

In Moscow promised to respond to the location of the battalions of NATO in Eastern Europe for the safety of the Russian Federation 12.07.2016

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