The capital’s investigators opened a criminal case on the murder of a businessman near the business center. According to preliminary data, the deceased was busy in the construction industry, and also engaged in the storage of radioactive substances. Recently a man got into debt and went bankrupt.

The corpse of the man 1966 year of birth with multiple gunshot wounds was discovered passers-by on the evening of 17 November 2016 in the Parking lot near the business center, located in 1st Main impasse Khoroshevsky district, reports the official website of IC RF IC in Moscow.

“The result of testing a different version of the crime,” – said in a press release.

Investigators are working to determine the identity of the killer, as well as interrogate witnesses. A criminal case was initiated under part 1 article 105 (“Murder”) and part 1 of article 222 (“Illegal arms trafficking”) of the criminal code.

A victim of the killer became 50-the summer businessman Igor Makler, said Life. At the scene was found 22 shell casings.

One of the key assets of Mekler was firm “B. I. logistics” is engaged in the storage of nuclear materials and radioactive substances in a warehouse in Domodedovo. The reasons for the murder may be connected with the specialization of the company.

In 2015, the firm received a net profit of 3.3 million rubles. But in October of this year, it introduced external control. This happened after the principal owner of meckler declared bankrupt.

“At the beginning of this year the arbitration court found Mekler bankrupt. It is not excluded that murder could be linked to his commercial activity or any debt on the business. Now it is checked”, – TASS quotes the comment of the source in law enforcement bodies.

To repay debts, Mekler been actively recover money from their debtors, referring to the courts. So it could “order” not only creditors, but debtors. A couple of months and a week before the murder khoroshevskiy district court granted several large requirements of Mekler, obliging his former business partners to return money to the businessman.

Business Empire Igor Makler began to emerge in the mid-noughties, when his father gave the son a share in the family firm “Bulit-2000″. The firm is located at Khoroshevskoe highway, and traded in bulk, and also gave property for rent.

His father’s assets, the son multiplied. Database shows the relationship of Igor Makler with five firms. Some of them he has already sold three owned at the time of his death. These companies sell decorative and finishing materials, and sanitary equipment, doing logistics and repair.

One of the main assets was the company “Mostorg+” which produces the appraisal of real estate.

Bankrupt, Mekler was due to his company “Dekko+”. This firm was owned by a businessman before the end of 2015. She was selling decorative items and household items. As told a source in Zamoskvoretsky court, in 2014, the firm scored at the “BKF Bank” loans, however, in a year when the time came for payment, to return the money failed.

The Bank has transferred its right to claim the debt is a kind of “non-enterprises”, and then she was repaid for the debts of a businessman, and already she began to demand money from him in court. The total amount of fines, delays and penalties amounted to $ 8.5 million, or more than half a billion rubles. The businessman was unable to pay, and as for the debts he personally was instructed, September 1, 2016, the capital’s arbitration court declared bankrupt. Most of the property of meckler arrested.

So when it came to other firms and banks, giving Makleru in debt, they immediately reached out to recover the money through the courts. The number requiring a return was “Sberbank”, which Mekler owes 800 million rubles, and “Fondservisbank” with the amount of the claim on 120 million roubles. And only the businessman is owed more than 1.5 billion rubles.

In Moscow shot by a businessman engaged in the storage of nuclear materials 18.11.2016

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