In Sergiev Posad near Moscow employees of the centre for combating extremism (Center “e”) raided the apartment of prominent independent journalist, editor-in-chief of”Alternative newspaper”Andrei Trofimov. In the course of investigations, he had seized all the computer equipment, camera and video and electronic media. The reason for the search, according to security officials, was instituted a criminal case under article “Extremism”.

“At my door with police and masked men. They say that the fight against extremism. They say that they have a search warrant for my apartment from the investigator instituted a criminal case on extremism. Now would remove all devices. In fact, I didn’t break the law and think it’s all attacks related to my professional activities”, – the journalist wrote on his page in the social network “Vkontakte” at 8 a.m. Friday.

Later, he said that he needs the counsel and support of his supporters. According to mills, soon after the arrival of security forces near the front door to his apartment, the lights went out, and law enforcement called emergency workers to break the door. The journalist also said that everything happens according to the address – Novouglichskoe shosse, d. 56, sq 6.

Later in the comments to one of the posts Trofimova was published the video, which was captured a conversation the man, who introduced himself as a lawyer Khudyakov and standing near the door on the landing, and the journalist who were inside the apartment. In the video, the journalist explained that the security forces conducted searches, forbade him to open the door to let inside a lawyer.

“The demonstrations in the framework of the criminal case against Mr. Turukhina. This is a local Cossack ataman. He is suspected of extremist activities. And I suspect that I was covering this activity, although I have always opposed the actions of this gentleman Turukina,” explained the journalist.

Later, Trofimov told about the end of the search of his apartment, which he had seized cameras, copters, cameras, computers, CDs and digital media. “I will try to get it all back, but little hope. The staff said that I was “not deaf”. Thanks for the support. His business will not leave. The law is not broken and break not going”, – the journalist added.

According to the journalist of the Sergiev Posad editions of the “penny” Andrey Mordasov, at the same time on Friday took place the search in a private house in Abraham lane Paul Turukhina, one of organizers of procession “for the liberation of Russia from the satanic evil (from corruption)”, whose members allowed themselves the Nazi salute, says “Open Russia”.

“Near the house of Andrew, there are about ten people in civilian clothes, a team in masks. Once arrived MOE, Andrew opened the door. Against the Andrew there is no case. The case was initiated on the fact of the procession, but the staff survey not conducted. The only record was mills, but he declined to provide a photo – and video materials of the case and to testify. Then the police decided to conduct a search to confiscate,” – said Mordasov.

“Alternative newspaper”, editor-in-chief of which is Andrei Trofimov, the most popular independent Internet media in Sergiev Posad. At the end of 2014, the journalist have already been at the center of the scandal, when he witnessed the arrival in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region helicopter that brought the Advisor to the Governor of the Moscow region Igor Seagull attributable to the son of the General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika.

As argued by living in Sergiev Posad, a journalist, he was attacked by a guard Seagull Jr., when members of the press tried to remove landed the helicopter. According to mills, after the departure of the helicopter Seagull guards caught up with him in his jeep. Out of the car ran “all the same bald-headed goof” and demanded to erase all the footage. “However, noticing the people around, and retreated by jumping back in the car, followed the police and firefighters,” – said Trofimov.

Their communication with guardian journalist captured on video, which was uploaded to his account on YouTube, post in “Live Journal” and on the website of “Alternative Newspapers”. At the end of the story, the journalist sarcastically asked: “I Wonder at whose expense Mr. adviser to the Governor flying from Moscow to Sergiev Posad by helicopter and who pays for his services here is such a “brave” security? Dad or the taxpayers?”

In Moscow suburbs employees of the Center “e” was raided from the chief editor of “Alternative Newspapers” 30.09.2016

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