Moscow police finds out circumstances of the fight that took place in the cabin of public transport. The fight started after one of the passengers noticed a suspicious fellow traveler in the mask and with machetes. The man detained the girl and placed her in the hands of the police, reports the official website of GU MVD of Moscow.

Criminal punishment for a 22-year-old Muscovite, who is suffering a delay of intellectual development. For a fight in the bus she was charged with article 213 of the criminal code (“Hooliganism”). The girl faces a sentence of seven years imprisonment.

First, the behavior of the suspect in a public place was not defiant, but she had a strange appearance. “Passengers on the bus noticed the girl that sat next to the child, in her hands was a knife, on a face wearing a mask, – stated in a press release. – One of the passengers asked the child if she is familiar with that woman.”

10-year-old boy replied in the negative, and then the passenger asked him to move. Then the man turned to the girl asking why she travels on public transport like this. In response, the passenger with a knife attacked a man and started a fight. When this girl dropped the melee weapon on the floor.

“The young man twisted it and held until the arrival of the police. Arrived the guards detained aggressive citizen,” added the police. They also stressed that “as a result of incident nobody has suffered”.

However, according to press reports, a serious injury of the nose received in custody. During the fight she hit the handrail.

The alleged bully was taken to OMVD of Presnensky district of Moscow.

According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the incident occurred in the bus N66 at about 15:00. At that time the transport went on Shmitovsky proezd towards the center.

And deboshirki has been a resident of Western district of the capital that lives with his parents in one of the houses on Ochakovsky highway. In childhood she was diagnosed with mental retardation.

The girl graduated from a specialized school and never worked. And since the father and mother worked in the daytime, she was all by herself and preferred to walk on the street. In connection with the disability of the girl had the right to free travel, and often aimlessly riding on public transport.

Relatives of the Muscovites claim that the girl never displayed violent behavior and was acting quiet and peaceful.

In Moscow the bus passengers overpowered a mentally retarded girl who was riding in a mask with a knife 30.11.2016

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