The Tverskoy district court of Moscow on Wednesday, 23 November, started to consider in essence criminal case of RBC Alexander Sokolov, who is accused of organizing an extremist organization. Chronicle of hearings conducts “the Media”.

Alexander Sokolov is under arrest since the end of July 2015. Together with Sokolov in this case are former chief editor of newspaper “Duel” Yury Mukhin, a retired military pilot Kirill Barabash and Valery Parfyonov ally. According to investigators, the defendants participated in a prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation “the Army will of the people”, recognized by the court in 2010, extremist community, which they renamed the “Initiative group for the referendum “For responsible government” (igpr “ZOV”). Sokolov connects criminal prosecution with his journalistic activities.

According to”Interfax”, the court on Wednesday was about 50 people, which in the hallway was a stampede. The process came a lot of reporters and the public, including nearly 30 supporters of the igpr “ZOV”, according to “the Media”. The people were indignant that the meeting allocated a small room where he was able to get only about 20 people.

As transfers RIA “Novosti”, the result of a brawl broke out between supporters of the defendants and bailiffs. Standing at the entrance to the hall, the crowd was arguing and fighting with police officers, with the help of the last even came the soldiers of the national guard, writes, “the Media”.

One of the officers tried to detain at first the mother of one of the defendants, then the woman, who asked him not to. In the end, he took the man who shot the event on video. According to RIA “Novosti”, the court was caused by the additional forces of OMON.

The bailiffs were at least two protocols on administrative offences in relation to court users, involved in the filming and shouting slogans about the liberation of the accused, reports TASS.

The judge refused to take the withdrawal

The court on Wednesday began hearings on the merits. The defendants and their lawyers in the preparatory stage of the meeting said that judge Alexei Krivoruchko and the public Prosecutor Ekaterina Frolova four allotment in connection with the alleged personal interest, bias, lack of independent position.

“The presiding judge in the case appears in the international “Magnitsky list” as a person involved in illegal rulings, on this basis, we believe his participation in this case are unfounded,” said the defendant Sokolov, quoted by TASS. One of the arguments for taps was that the court was not allowed about 10 supporters of the defendants.

However, the judge Krivoruchko refused to recognize the claims of the justified and continued the process. After the announcement by the Prosecutor of the indictment, the defendants will be able to officially announce recognition or non-recognition of guilt.

As noted by “the Media”, the prosecution in the process is attorney Elena Frolova, who played the Prosecutor in the trial of blogger Anton Nosik, who was accused of inciting hatred (part 1 of article 282 of the criminal code). In the end of the Spout sentenced to a fine in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

Case of Sokolov and his associates

Yuri Mukhin, Alexander Sokolov, Kirill Barabash and Valery Parfyonov was arrested in July 2015. They were charged with the continuation of the activities prohibited by the court as extremist organization (part 1 of article 282.2 of the criminal code). After some time, the 65-year-old Muhin health was released under house arrest, the other defendants remain in jail.

According to the investigation, the accused under the pretext of organising and conducting the referendum were extremist activities. Founded in 1997 Mukhin, “the Army will of the people” promoted the idea of a referendum “About the responsibility of government,” while advocating the amendment of the Constitution, according to which citizens should evaluate activity of their elected politicians after the expiry of such authority and may even send them to jail. Also “Army” was proposed to adopt the law “On the court of the people of Russia over the President and the members of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”.

In 2010, the organization was banned as extremist. After that, as they say in investigation materials, Mukhin, falcons, Barabash and Parfenov formally renamed AVN as the “Initiative group for the referendum “For the responsible authority”, “placing the former goals and objectives”. In this case the real purpose was the dissemination of extremist ideas aimed at violent overthrow of the government, according to investigators.

In particular, the defendants continued to post content on new websites, and began to publish the newspaper “spade”, which continued the publication of extremist materials. After the ban of the newspaper, it changed to “Words and deeds”.

None of the defendants pleaded not guilty. Alexander Sokolov has previously addressed the head IC Alexander Bastrykin, Prosecutor General Yury Chaika and the Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova with a request to check the actions of the investigator who is investigating the matter, under article 144 of the criminal code (obstruction of the lawful professional activities of journalists). The human rights centre “memorial” recognized Sokolova, Mukhina, Barabash and Parfenov political prisoners.

Journalist and human rights activist Zoya Svetova, commenting on the process on the portal “Open Russia”, recalls the chronology of events in the case of Aleksandr Sokolov. In the fall of 2013 the falcons got a job as a correspondent in the newspaper RBC and defended his thesis on “the Impact of rent seeking on investment of state-owned corporations”, which in particular explored the problem of corruption and inefficient use of funds for implementation of megaprojects state corporations Rosnano, rostech, “Olympstroy” and “Rosatom”.

According to Sokolov, who leads the light, he received positive feedback from the Ministry of Finance and the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in the abstract of his thesis. However, the leadership of the state Corporation “rostec” material did not like what the journalist and the representative of “Rostec” on the phone in the summer of 2013.

The first search of the house in Sokolov was held on 5 February 2014, a few days before the start of the Olympics, at a time when the thesis was considered for approval of the Higher attestation Commission. The search passed to him as a witness in a criminal case (article 282), brought upon performances at the authorized rally may 9, 2012 member of a banned organization “army of the will of the people” Kirill Barabash. According to Sokolov, the goal was “intimidation and further fabrication” of a new business.

Meanwhile, the thesis adopted in the WAC, and in early 2016 according to the materials of Sokolov’s work, though without his knowledge, he published a book “Kremlin insiders”. Sokolov does not exclude that the customers of his pursuit could be afraid and the publication of this book.

The second search within the current criminal case was held in Sokolov shortly after July 6, 2015 his articles about corruption losses of the state in the construction of the Vostochny space centre. Criminal case “on referendum” was initiated at a time when the research on the construction of the East at the request of the FAS were preparing for transfer to the Agency and to the audit chamber, says light.

In Moscow the court where the case is heard, a journalist of RBC Sokolov, scuffle 23.11.2016

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