Moscow architect and blogger Konstantin Konovalov went to the police with the message about the attack on him is an aggressive driver. The driver did not like that the victim, who was riding a Bicycle, asked him to release the travel on the bike path. Later it turned out that the attack involved the driver of the car, which moved Italian actress Ornella Muti.

The first message about the fight of a driver and a cyclist appeared on the morning of 5 November in the microblog in Twitter Konovalov. “The driver of the car attacked me and feet began to beat on the bike and turned the wheel. I just asked to leave the bike lanes. Waiting for the police,” – said in comments to the published photos, which shows the vehicle conflict parties. Two images capture the black Mercedes with the “thug” number “р007са 199″.

The incident occurred near the hotel “Ararat Park Hyatt”, located in the N4 building on Neglinnaya street in the very center of Moscow.

As explained by Konstantin Konovalov, he was riding a Bicycle in the bike lane when I saw up ahead an obstacle in the form of Mercedes. “Knocked on the window gently asked me to move my car. I’m very polite, rarely swear, so from my side there was no aggression,” – said Konovalov.

Of foreign cars came two men. The driver was “violently banging his foot Bicycle”, swearing at the same time.

According to Konstantin, the driver turned the wheel of his bike. But other damage was not. “The bike I fixed. Everything is fine. I myself was not injured. The situation is very unpleasant. Bandits on the streets of our city. Police throws up his hands,” added the architect.

Several hours later, Constantine has a new post up in which he said that the police refused to detain an aggressive driver who catered to foreign socialite.

“It turned out that this driver Ornella Muti. The police are unable to persuade him to go to the office. He simply refused,” wrote the architect.

He also added that the only witness of the incident was a security guard, Ornella Muti, who was in the car with her driver. And security claimed that Constantine himself, allegedly attacked the driver.

To remove the event on camera phone the cyclist failed. “It was not a very comfortable phone to get. The security guard kept threatening to break,” explained Constantine.

According to him, the guards came after 20-30 minutes on the scene and the first “strictly required”, so the driver went with them to the police for further investigation. However, the driver of prestigious foreign cars said that “he had shit on the cops” and he’s not going anywhere. The man sat in the car waiting for a client and refused to answer any questions, wrote about the incident Ilya Varlamov.

The guard was a little more talkative. “If we are not standing here, and our client, the Italian actress Muti would come out of the hotel, not seeing his car, then we all would be fired, – said the bodyguard. – It is a prerequisite stop in front of the door, ignoring all traffic rules. All fines will pay for the authorities.”

Since the police remained inactive, Constantine decided that “wait for nothing” and left.

Add that to November 5, 2016 60-year-old actress Ornella Muti participated in the presentation of the video “How Celentano” in which she starred alongside Russian pop artist Alexander Revva. After that, the actor said that Muti is preparing documents for obtaining Russian citizenship, reports RIA “Novosti”.

On Monday, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has declared readiness of the Kremlin to consider the question of granting citizenship to the Italian actress, “if there is such a request,” reports “Interfax”.

Surrounded by the actress did not confirm her desire to obtain Russian citizenship. “As far as I know, she (Muti) has not yet been applied, but it has registration at the place of residence in Russia, where it often happens”, – told TASS agent artist in Italy.

3 Nov 2016 became aware of the decision of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to provide Russian citizenship Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. Previously, the citizenship of the Russian Federation was granted the French actor Gerard Depardieu. The corresponding decree the President of Russia signed on 3 January 2013. In addition, 12 September 2015 a Russian passport, received the American, world champion, world Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. American mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson, known for his sympathy for Russia, also in December of 2015, received the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

The actress was sentenced to jail because of dinner with Putin

Last year Ornella Muti was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined 600 euros for fraud. The charges she filed after the actress had dinner in the company of Vladimir Putin.

In 2010, Muti was not on the show, which was to play a major role. To avoid paying penalties, it has provided the leadership of the theater of Pordenone false medical information about acute attack of laryngotracheitis.

It later emerged that the actress was not sick and was at this time in Russia at a charity dinner with Putin, who then held the post of Prime Minister.

Witnesses confirmed that the star was in this period, absolutely healthy and no problems with the voice not experienced. In addition, it was found that the trip duration was known in advance and planned without taking into account the responsibilities of Turbidity in relation to a theatre company.

However, instead of serving a prison term and a fine of 59-year-old Ornella Muti was allowed to pay the company a penalty of 30 thousand euros.

Mother Ornella Muti (real name-Francesca Romana Rivelli,) was a native of Estonia, and the grandfather and the maternal grandmother were Russian, lived in St. Petersburg.

Ornella Muti Russian audience known for the films “taming obstinate” from Adriano Celentano, “the Rustling of Sparrow wings”, “Bonnie and Clyde Italian”, “Roman adventure”. She has also starred in the film Gregory Chukhrai Life is beautiful.

For the first time, Ornella Muti starred in a movie in 15 years. Muti worked with Italian Directors Marco Ferreri, Dino Risi. But the actress has worked outside his native Italy. In 1980, Ornella Muti played in the British sci-Fi movie “Flash Gordon”. And in 1984, the actress appeared in the film of German filmmaker Volker schlendorf of “Swann in Love” together with Alain Delon.

Currently, Muti starred in advertising campaigns, including cosmetics line Skinstar that was just presented. It is noteworthy that the photo was made by Russian photographer Timofey Kolesnikov, who worked at Russian offices of glossy magazines Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ.

Muti have three adult children who have followed in her footsteps, and three grandchildren. The last granddaughter – Julia is born in 2016.

In Moscow, the driver of the Italian actress Ornella Muti was attacked on the cycle path the cyclist-architect 07.11.2016

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