Savelovsky district court of Moscow sentenced two former students of the Moscow automobile and road Institute (MADI) to Leo and Stanislav Sobolevsky, who were convicted in the group rape of a minor girl during a party-“dedications”. The crime was committed in the bathroom of a night club and filmed on camera. It has caused the big public resonance, since the shocking video was published on the Internet.

Judge Dmitry Makarenko was appointed the lion to the penalty of nine years imprisonment. But Stanislav Sobolevsky will be imprisoned for 9.5 years, and will pay a fine of 100 thousand rubles. To serve time abusers will be in a correctional colony of strict regime, reports “Interfax”.

The meeting was held behind closed doors, as it heard a case about crime against
sexual freedom and sexual integrity. The judge announced only introductory and operative part of the verdict.

The victim’s lawyer Alexander Karabanov said he was pleased with
the decision of the court. “We are fully satisfied with the verdict. We set a precedent
in such a category. The verdict is hard, but it is justified by the gravity of the act” –
said the defender.

Prosecutor in the debate of the parties requested the sentence Kamenetsky
to nine years in a penal colony, and the Sobolev – to 10 years and fined
in the amount of 100 thousand rubles.

We will remind, the victim of the rape was a 17 year-old student of one of the universities named Irina S.
On the night of 28 September, she came to the party-a dedication by first-year students of MADI in one of the clubs on the Leningrad prospectus. A girl there invited her ex-classmate.

Club Irina drank alcoholic beverages. And then the girl invited the young man and his two friends dragged a drunken Irina in a toilet stall, where he forced her into sex. Their actions attackers was shot on a mobile phone camera. Moreover, the initiator Orgy and movies was just an old friend of Irina, who, according to the victim, “continually harassed her in school.”

According to the victim, the incident, she remembers the bad. All the details she saw in the Internet. One of the rapists posted a video to the community “Overheard MADI” the social network “Vkontakte” after trying to blackmail the victim. The young man demanded that the girl sent him her erotic photos in exchange for a promise not to tell. However, Irene refused to comply with this requirement.

Share your videos with rape aroused great public interest. In October 2015 the victim and one of the suspects, whom she believes the instigator of the rape, became participants of the talk show “live” with Boris leading by Koschevnikovi.

The results of the investigation and to Sobolev was charged under part 3 of article 132 (“Violent actions of sexual nature committed against minors”), part 3 of article 242 (“Distribution
of pornographic materials”) and part 1 of article 137 (“Infringement of
the inviolability of private life”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. However, the defendants refused to plead guilty.

In court from the person Sobolev acted as his lawyer Sergey dzhurinskiy. According to counsel, his client understands that “was really not the best way, because he was quite drunk”.

“Second, he shot this video, there was a rather rude comments. However, neither one nor the other defendants guilt in a legal sense does not recognize. Today was brought apology to the mother of the victim, before the Irina” – led “vestige” review Dzhurinsky.

Irina looked depressed in court. From communicating with reporters, she refused. As stated by her lawyer, the girl is undergoing psychological help. After the rape Irina fell into a deep depression, and on the night of July 15, tried to commit suicide.

In Moscow the ex-students of MADI, raped the girl during the “initiation” into the club, got 9 years in prison 26.10.2016

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