The Metropolitan police have arrested a 35-year guest workers from neighboring countries, suspected of fraud for 15 thousand rubles. The money the ill-minded woman gave a young visitor to the Danilov monastery. The victim claims that he was under hypnosis.

The victim of the alleged fraudsters was the 28-year-old native of Tver region. Her testimony captured on video, published on the official website of GU MVD of Moscow.

According to the victim, she “arrived at the Danilov monastery on the Affairs”. At the entrance to the Holy abode she saw “a woman of Gypsy appearance”. She asked alms from the parishioners, and the victim handed the woman 100. “Gypsy” in this touched the girl’s hand and said that she needs 1000 rubles for the IV for my daughter.

Without hesitation, the victim gave the woman 1000. Then the beggar began to cry and complain about life. She offered the girl to go to the temple. There they were baptized together and applied to the icons. After that, the victim and the Gypsy went to the subway. According to the girl, her as if hypnotized.

Holding the victim’s hand, the woman asked me to give her another 14 thousand rubles. The alleged fraud and her victim came to the shopping center where the girl via ATM, withdrew the required amount from their Bank card. After receiving the money, the intruder fled.

“Almost immediately after that, the victim turned to the police and explained that he had acted unconsciously, presumably under the influence of hypnosis,” reads a press release from police.

Two hours later near the scene of the incident the suspect was detained by police. She is charged under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”). The woman could face a sentence of five years imprisonment.


Police do not exclude that arrested involved in other similar crimes.

In Moscow, the foreigner hypnotized visitor of the temple and kidnapped her 15 thousand rubles 03.10.2016

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