The Vidnoe city court of the Moscow region pronounced a sentence to the former high-ranking employee of Investigatory Committee of Russia, who was convicted of bribery. In addition, home office officials found the drugs, which he used directly in the service.

According to the court, major of justice Andrey suraykin, who headed the regional Department SK of the Russian Federation, will spend behind bars seven years, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. To serve a sentence it will be in the correctional colony of General regime. Also sentenced to pay a fine of 600 thousand rubles.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 35-year-old head of the investigative Department of the RF IC in the city of Chekhov Andrey suraykin were detained in August 2015 FSB operatives and staff the URC RF IC. The man suspected in the extortion of money he demanded from the official of administration situated near Moscow Chekhov Vitaliy shilovskiy.

The administration was suspected of illegally selling three expensive land. According to investigators, in 2012, Shilovsky organized with violations of the sale of the former school N3 of the town of Chekhov. Concerning the official investigation has been initiated under articles 285 (“Abuse of authority”) and 292 (“Office forgery”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. Because Shilovsky did not respond to the summons of the investigator, he was declared wanted. At the same time he added the accusation under item 159 (“Swindle”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation, reports “Rosbalt”.

A criminal case was subordinate Suraykin. And the chief investigator offered attorney Shilovsky deal: over three million head of Department SK the Russian Federation has promised to seek leniency for the official. The defender consulted with the client, and he agreed to pay a specified amount. But potential corrupters reported about negotiations at the FSB.

It is noteworthy that suraykin, with the consent of the defendant officials really began to take steps to establish contact with the judiciary. He joined an audience with the Chairman of the Chekhov city court Andrey Yurchenko. At the meeting suraykin offered for assistance in the matter Shilovsky million rubles. The judge was impressed with the actions of the chief of the investigation and refused the bribe, and then also reported the incident to law enforcement.

Further suraykin called Yurchenko and requested that in the case of detention Shilovsky “to arrest him for more”, saying that if the officer would be behind bars, then it can be “cut off” for more money. By the time the phone bribe already auditioned FSB.

Following further the actions of Andrey Suraykin, operatives of the FSB arrested him red-handed in the office when transferring money. During the search in the recreation room of a senior investigator was found a mixture of cocaine and amphetamine on a large scale. He suraykin at the moment of detention was in narcotic intoxication, which is confirmed by examination. Narcotics detective participated in the recreation room in his office.

Suraykin explained to the guards that he had purchased a synthetic drug for themselves, as is the drug addict. Subordinates Suraykina have long noticed problems with the psyche of his boss, says “MK”. Recently the chief investigator of the district touted the usefulness of a raw food diet, saying that this way of eating (no meat) moved his entire family and the dog.

Some subordinates even liked it when the boss was in a “relaxed state” because he was pliable and could sign any necessary paperwork.

Judges Chekhov district could not conduct a criminal case, which included their Chairman. Therefore, prosecutions were transferred in Moscow regional court, and from there lowered into the Vidnoe city court. During the trial of corrupt officials of the RF IC as a witness was made by the President of the court of the city of Chekhov. But he suraykin did not admit his guilt.

According to the version of the accused, he fell a victim of provocation: someone supposedly brought the powder in a Cabinet Suraykina, and he decided to try it and was in a poor condition. Previously it never happened, now claimed by the defendant.

At a time when the investigator was “stoned” in his office allegedly penetrated the lawyer Shilovsky > a bribe.

We would add that the major of justice suraykin were representative of the whole “family clan” of the investigators. His 57-year-old father-in-law Pavel Barkovsky in the rank of General, he was Deputy chief of the Main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation. After the arrest of son in law he resigned.

“At that moment, Barkovsky just had to step up and to lead GSU. But the story of the son-in-law put an end to the promotion, and General career Barkovsky in the UK. It was hardly a coincidence,” says the source of “Rosbalt” familiar with the situation.

In Moscow the head of Department SK of the Russian Federation, caught a corrupt COP and a drug addict, was sentenced to seven years in prison 29.11.2016

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