In the capital, law enforcement officials detained a number of guards suspected of fishing for pedophiles to extort money from them. With this as “bait” the police used a minor, which offered to work in organized guards gay clubs.

“Only the arrest of eight people: three civilians, two former and three current police officers, including the chief of criminal investigation Department of one of Moscow OVD” – said the source TASS in law enforcement bodies.

According to him, the police “organized services for pedophiles”.

Information about the arrest was confirmed officially. “For committing a number of grave crimes are detained the organized criminal group of seven people, which included, in particular, three police officers”, – told RIA “news” in a press-service of the MIA.

It clarifies the source of”Interfax”, the criminal group included several police officers Ivanovskoe (East administrative district of Moscow), including police and civilians.

According to preliminary data, group members
organized on the territory of the Eastern district network gay clubs, where
through online ads have hired individuals to provide intimate
services, including adolescents.”

“In the future, police detained clients, entered into
sexual intercourse with a minor, and extorted from them a large sum
of money under the threat of criminal prosecution and a long prison
conclusion,” he added.

According to him, on this fact criminal case according to art.
210 (“Organization of criminal community and participation in it”) and item 159 (“Swindle”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

According to investigators, working in gay clubs minors passed the guards information about the welfare of the client. “If he were rich, the police detained him and extorted money for the extinction of criminal responsibility,” the source added.

He said that the suspects were detained by employees of Moscow criminal investigation Department. On Saturday
the consequence intends to petition for election of a measure of restraint.

Note that this is not the first case when the police make the fight against pedophilia into a source of income. Three years ago in the Leningrad region was sentenced former security officer of the Center for counteraction to extremism GU MVD of Russia in the Northwest Federal district, Anton Mikhailov.

As follows from the materials of the case, 26-year-old fighter against extremism, senior Lieutenant Anton Mikhailov and his associates formed a gang, hunted extortion. The victims of the attackers were found according to the scheme developed for neo-Nazi Tesak and so-called fighters with pedophiles within their organization to “Occupy pedofilyay”.

Prisoners signed up for one of the Internet sites, and entered into conversation with a young man who, in their opinion, was “likely to commit sexual contact with the minor children.”

The attackers agreed with his partner on the correspondence about the meeting, which took place late in the evening of 20 October 2012. Imaginary fighters with pedophiles forcibly seated 24-year-old man in the car and was taken to the memorial site, located on the Road of Life, Rumbauskas mountain in Vsevolozhsk.

“Threatening to kill and showing off the gun, the attackers have achieved from a young man recognition to sexual orientation and preferences, to join in sex with boys aged 16 to 18 years”, – said in a press release from the office of the RF IC.

This “confession” the police officer, who became a follower of the sword, and his accomplices recorded on camera phones. They demanded to give them 200 thousand rubles, threatening otherwise to distribute the video to the media. After that, the accused along with the victim went into the apartment the last where took a laptop and a watch that belonged to the victim.

“During the preliminary investigation information on the background of the victim to the persons sexual orientation has not found objective evidence, it was contradicted by the set of collected evidence in the case”, – emphasized in the investigative Department.

Ex-police Anton Mikhailov was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony. His accomplices-Petersburg Sergey Deaf, Stanislav Yefimov and Arslan. got off three-year terms of conditional imprisonment.

In Moscow the police for extortion has created a network of gay clubs, which worked the teenagers 30.09.2016

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