In Moscow as a result of the plan “Interception” employees of traffic police stopped
the wedding procession, grossly violated traffic rules and
took three lanes on Sebastopol Avenue in the South-West
Moscow, said the source TASS in law enforcement bodies. According
“Interfax”, the police
started to follow the motorcade after reports of gunfire from the Windows of cars.

Now drivers and passengers understand the police. A law enforcement source reported that the motorcade headed car brand Rolls-Royce and the two SUV brand Range Rover took three strips of the Sevastopol Avenue, creating interference to other transport.

RIA “Novosti” in
law enforcement confirmed that the detention was imposed
the plan “Interception” in the southern, southwestern and Central districts. According to the Agency, the motorcade was intercepted at the entrance of the Park “Tsaritsyno” in the South of Moscow. The source of “Interfax” said that he was detained on the street Shipilovsky, the source TASS claims that Novotroitska highway.

The first reports of suspicious tuple has been said about the 12 components of his machines, however, reports of detention featured only six cars with Moscow license plates, including Rolls-Royce, BMW X5, two Mercedes and a Porsche Cayenne.

Party wedding Ali: “Who opened fire? That kind of nonsense, actually”

Police investigating reports of gunfire from the convoy, reported, citing a source in law enforcement agencies “Interfax”. According to him, moving
in the city centre with rough violations of traffic regulations motorcade was spotted at the intersection
street Maclay Avenue and Sebastopol, and from the Windows
cars were heard clapping.

In a press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow TASS confirmed that “on the remote standby “02” called the eyewitness, who reported that he heard the claps from passing cars,” but noted that the question of the shooting of the machines. The drivers delivered in police Department for trial.

The REN TV channel talked to one of the wedding guests named Ali, who flatly denies the fact of shooting: “Who opened fire? No, of course not. That kind of nonsense, anyway? I don’t know about you. Someone was shot… That someone has proof? Let them provide them,” Ali was quoted by the website of the TV channel. After the issue of the detention of the wedding guests by the police, Ali hung up.

Website Life quotes the story of the driver, met the procession on the road: “I didn’t see weapons in their hands, but distinctly heard three claps similar to shots. It may, of course, the clapper”.

This is not the first of the current month “shooting” the wedding procession, seen in the area of the Park “Tsaritsyno”. On 11 September the police stopped the “firing” of the wedding, which turned out to be the assistant Prosecutor of Chechnya. After checking he was dismissed from bodies. Upon firing criminal case under article 91 UPK the Russian Federation (Hooliganism), for all eight drivers were composed of 17 administrative protocols.

In Moscow, the police stopped the “firing” of the wedding procession, blocked the Sevastopol Prospekt 27.09.2016

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