In Moscow, police pursuit SUV Land Rover in the North-West of Moscow on the night of Saturday ended in a deadly accident: a car at high speed crashed into a pole, killing 18-year-old passenger. About it reports TV channel “360”.

The traffic police started a pursuit, drawing attention to the strange manoeuvring of the SUV. For 20 minutes the driver of the Land Rover tried to hide from police, but at some point lost control on the slippery because of the rain the road.

The time of the accident on the Novokurkinskoe highway filmed the video recorder of another car.

RIA “Novosti” reports that just in the car were five people. It is known that the accident killed 18-year-old girl. Information about the status of other passengers and the driver of the SUV is not given.

According to the channel, behind the wheel of the SUV was an 18-year-old young man, who did not have a driver’s license. In fact the incident is checked.

“360” reports that owns the SUV, 39-year-old woman. According to the channel, she is going to file the theft report. What does a young man have to do with the owner of the car is unknown.

In Moscow, the young driver had a race with the police with a fatal accident at the end 08.10.2016

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