In the capital, convicted of stealing a female transgender are going to bring in a male detention facility, according to AGN “Moscow” with reference to the lawyer of the representatives of sexual minorities Olga Badalian.

According to the lawyer, 23-year-old Albina, who the passport is Alexey Sergeyevich by Matyunina identified in the Metropolitan detention center-4 “Bear”. “I will insist that my client was placed in a separate chamber, since the high risk actions of a violent nature,” – said Olga Badalian.

As has told a source familiar with the situation, in September 2011, the Novocherkassk city court of the Rostov region sentenced Alexei Matyunina to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period of two years for stealing from the cash shop 1.8 thousand rubles.

In 2013 Matyunin has left the Rostov region for health reasons and arrived in Moscow, where he underwent several operations for installing breast implants, lip enhancement, and other characteristic of the sex-change procedure.

According to Badalyan, Matyunin “preparing for final sex change”. The lawyer underlines that Alex “calls himself an albino, and also has all the manners and habits inherent in the woman.”

November 10 Alexei Matyunin and a sister, who is also a transgender, came in one of the Moscow Department of the FMS for a new passport. There he was detained by the police.

As found by Olga Badalian, in respect of her client’s punishment with the conditional were changed to real. “While my client learned that after the departure of the Rostov region was declared the Federal wanted list. This despite the fact that she was in constant communication with the employees of the FSIN of Russia”, – said the defender.

According to Badalyan, her client has serious health problems. “Albina because of lack of iron in the body numb legs, she recently began to walk. In addition, there are other complications,” said a woman lawyer.

Transgender was taken to the temporary detention at the police station “Khoroshevskaya”, where within 48 hours it will address the issue of his transfer from Moscow to serve their sentences in a correctional colony of General regime. And in the penitentiary Department sentenced a man believe, in accordance with the passport data. That is albino would have to serve the sentence along with the criminals-men.

“But actually Alex is transgender feels the woman is an albino, looks like a woman (Breasts, lips, hips and so on). The sentence in the men’s colony is fraught with well-known consequences,” warns Peter Gusyatnikov, a senior managing partner of the legal company PG Partners.

According to him, to solve the problem of criminal penalties for transgender people could be the creation of a special prison for those convicted, “at least one in the whole of Russia”.

Note that jail “the Bear”, where they put a transgender person, a bad name. Over the past year there died in different circumstances , five prisoners, and another prisoner attempted suicide.

In Moscow transsexual, convicted of stealing, put in a camera to men 11.11.2016

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