Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere Brothers on Wednesday, October 12, opens the exhibition “Mikhail Baryshnikov. Metaphysics of the body”. The exposition includes about 60 works by American photographer Robert Whitman.

“Five meetings Robert Whitman and Mikhail Baryshnikov in the period from 1995 to 2015, turned into about five photographic series. Whatever the reason for the shooting, the photographer invariably catches the mesmerizing grace and charisma Baryshnikov, whom you admire among the many poet Joseph Brodsky,” – said in the announcement for the exhibition.

One of the characteristics of Brodsky became the title of the exhibition. In the “Conversations…” by Solomon Volkov, the poet noted: “When I see on stage Baryshnikov, this feeling is absolutely amazing. I even think that it is generally not even ballet is what he does. In my opinion, it is pure metaphysics of the body. A leap beyond ballet. Mikhail Baryshnikov is a intelligent body that carries the whole world.” It is worth Recalling: two immigrants from the Soviet Union were great friends.

“A few years ago we saw this series by Robert Whitman in America, and it made a huge impression. The photos are brilliant Baryshnikov in different roles, and not just ballet. The series reflects the work of Baryshnikov in the years after his departure from Russia. These works of Whitman will be first presented in Moscow”, – told RIA “news” the curator of the Center of the photo Natalia Litvinskaya.

According to her, the organizers of the exhibition found a lot of archival video of the life-Baryshnikov in Russia, and staged a show during the exhibition. “Thus, the result was a great project highlighting the work of one of the most outstanding dancers of our time,” – said Litvin.

The exhibition will run until January 22.

In Moscow will show pictures of Mikhail Baryshnikov 11.10.2016

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